ACIM Lesson 352

Lesson 352: “What am I?”  “Judgement and love are opposites.  From one come all the sorrows of the world.  But from the other comes the peace of God Himself.”

The problem is that we base our self esteem on the world’s regulations. 

These are bound to change at the spur of the moment so we have no idea what they are anyway. 

If we have no idea what they are, there is no way we can live up to them.

That means we are doomed to fail even before we start in meeting the world’s guidelines.

Furthermore, this always leaves our minds in a state of chaos. 

With total confusion, we have no possibility of feeling good.  

This is why the Course makes every effort to simply point out this to us.  Sometimes our egos are so good at hiding this, we miss the fact that it is happening, and therefore, that we can do something else instead.  The Course gives the clear information that we are lovable exactly as we are.  This is why this information always works to give us a heart replete with love.

 Furthermore, we can then feel good about ourselves and every aspect of our lives. 

Nothing is separate from God’s Love and that is why we are blessed with a full cup. 

Since the world is always changing its standards, there is no way to pin down a consistency to an abundant self worth.

This is why we have God, Who is never changing how He feels for us.

And there is never a moment when God is unclear about what He expects from us to get to that place where we are deemed worthy.

The world is infinitely confusing.

God just spells it out exactly as it is. 

Thus, we don’t have to wait and wonder and stress.  This is a perfect example of why looking for our self worth in the world will never work.

We want to find a way to feel good about ourselves that is consistent and totally easy.

This lesson says, “Yet, love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again.” 

God gives us forgiveness as the perfect tool that fits any situation that is a call for Love.

Forgiveness is that gentle form of Love that occurs while simultaneously we know there is nothing wrong. 

Holding that knowing there is nothing wrong gives us the appropriate state of mind when we forgive any situation that looks like a call for love.

We need to have our intention aligned with forgiveness in the process so we can do the forgiveness with a energetically clear heart. 

That is how forgiveness works properly- gives us the results we want.

When we forgive we remember to not judge because we don’t know how the situation is supposed to look.

We accept the situation as it is because we can trust God has a plan. 

Also, we let God guide us and direct us how to have peace.  Furthermore, we can ask for clarity about how to forgive.


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