Miracles Lesson 363

Miracles Lesson 363: This holy instant would I give to you. Be you in charge. For I would follow you, sure your direction gives me peace. 

The reminder that God is always with us and lending a helpful hand makes my life so much better when I remember, and then I hear God’s Voice or the Holy Spirit within, which is accessible when I allow the whispers to be heard.

Sometimes, I must make sure I quiet my mind, and then I must ensure my mind is not full of cluttered thoughts blocking the way for the subtle messages we hear from our instructions from the Holy Spirit.

And then, after we accomplish this, our minds will be easy so that we will feel an influx of God’s Love and sacred Presence. We can be excited to know that God is with us, so all we do is know God is our partners, and we are so grateful for all God gives and shares, so know this is exceptional.

The Course says that God’s Love for us is Supreme. God goes out of His way to ensure that we all receive abundant abundance if we are open to receiving. So, we must remember that all is well in the Universe.

Remember that life is a party when we allow it to be, so ensure that we see the world with miracle glasses so we do not suffer over the picture of what we see.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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