ACIM Lesson 353

Lesson 353: “What am I?”  “My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet  today have but one purpose; to be given Christ to use to bless the world with miracles.”

The Course is teaching us how to live in harmony with our bodies and human lives. 

We learn that the body is unreal and therefore, we want to not be overly focused on it.

What generally happens is that we have such a wild attraction to the body and all it is doing that we end up getting attached to it and even obsessing about it. 

This is an inappropriate type of focus on the body.

When we accept the body is unreal, the purpose for doing this is to simply put the body’s importance and the activities we do into perspective.

We are asked to understand that the body is important but are encouraged to take a step back and understand that our spirit is that which we need to identify as our selves.

Our minds and spirits are of God’s and have purpose.

When we get attached to the body, then we start to get upset about it, and this disrupts our peace of mind.  This is why we want to remedy this in our minds with some amount of removal of focus there.

The reason the Course takes such a bold step as to say the body is unreal is simply to wake us up.

The ego is very convincing that its perspective is correct.  We are so deaf to God’s reason.  I think this is one of the reasons that the Course invites us to take the extreme measure of saying the body is not real.

We just need to hear something quite startling to help us open our minds.

Then when we start to see the body as unreal, we eventually get to a place where we are much less attached to the body.  We understand that the body has purpose, but we don’t get upset at every last problem or glitch the body has because we trust what the Course says.

The body has a purpose that will allow us without fail to do exactly what God intends for us. 

And therefore, we can feel peace about what we get to do in our lifetimes because we can trust that all that is happening is exactly as God plans it.

This means we can sit in peace and feel content with whatever fate we have.

When we gradually learn to feel less attached to our bodies, one really cool thing we get to do is enjoy the wonderful feats our bodies are able to do.

The Course says that we get to use our bodies as instruments for expressing God’s Love. 

This is the perfect use for our bodies, when we know we can use every last portion of our bodies to serve God in whatever way He deems good for us.  This is the way to feel happy and peaceful about living in the body.

We can enjoy that the body functions as well as it does for us to be the bringers of God’s Love to the masses. 

This is our purpose and therefore, we can feel good about this and have fun.


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