ACIM Lesson 317

Lesson 317: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “I follow in the way appointed me.”

The amazing thing is that this is a gift to us.

For lots of us, our egos strongly resist being told what to do. 

We push against suggestions because the ego likes to be in control.  The ego is attached to its own agenda.  The ego wants us to be exactly as it plans.

This is always a difficult dynamic we have with the ego when the ego is trying to maintain a push against what is happening. 

The Course teaches us that we can relax and enjoy being wherever we are. 

This is so shocking because the ego never does any releasing of its rigidity.

The Course teaches us that it can rather be a pleasant process.  We can enjoy whatever happens.  The only way to enjoy what goes on in our lives is to let go of our attachment to being a certain way.  This resistance is the only thing that keeps us miserable.  We just need to realize when we do this, and then, take the proactive step to choose something different.

We are asked to change our tune. 

We are asked to sit with no agenda and give the ego’s voice a permanent vacation.  We are learning that when we set aside our own plans for things then we can and must choose God instead.  This makes us insanely happy when we willingly allow God to do His thing and create the plan for our lives.

Our happiness is palpable when we simply give God our hearts and minds to lead.

Then, we can sit in a quiet, but potent, gratitude because we are content and comfortable with everything. 

Then, life becomes a true and immense gift because we get to do everything we do  with this incredible gratitude for God for giving us such a happy conclusion that we can live well.

This gratitude is easy to maintain while we live when we make sure we are forgiving ourselves when we resist God’s process. 

This forgiveness of ourselves is necessary to get aligned with God’s purpose because it allows us peace about what God has in store for our lives.

We just need to be sure we are active participants with God. 

We must remember to bring our willingness to give God the reins of directing our lives and we must also bring our forgiveness for ourselves when we forget to stay vigilant and run into blocks to Love’s Presence.


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