Lesson 152 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lesson 152: “The power of decision is my own.”

This lesson says, “No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision.”

We are asked to realize through and through that every moment of every day is a decision.  We make them for each little option we encounter.  We are deciding each little step we make.  We must be willing to take responsibility for this incredible choice we are making.  All the choices are about how to perceive what we see.  If we get a flat tire, we can’t always prevent it.  What we can always do is hold forgiveness for the situation and for ourselves and any others who may also care for the car.

What we can do is accept it, forgive it, don’t rail against it like it is the worst thing to ever happen.  Let there be for the allowing the present to be as it is.  Let there be a moment of acknowledging that we are learning from this experience.  We may learn how to give our vehicle more preventative care so this will not happen again.  We can make it a happy dream.

And while we are there, fixing the tire, we can have appreciation for the situation.  We can see it as a call for love and simply shower love on ourselves and the car.  We can be grateful that cars can be fixed or that we can walk.  Or maybe we can just sit in gratitude that we can breathe.  Sometimes we can’t find in some situations perhaps ANY thing to feel happy about immediately.  But when we look deeper, we can always love our breath.  The breath is our greatest friend sometimes because we can always look to it for something to feel appreciative about, regardless of whether everything else has seemingly fallen apart.

We can be grateful that we are becoming more emotionally capable people every time we practice our aligning with God’s perfect energy.  When we see forgiveness no matter what, we automatically will and have to learn more about how to embody and extend this forgiveness.  Then eventually, this forgiveness becomes automatic and we forever live in equanimity.  This is the greatest gift to ourselves- hands down.  Therefore, in those moments when we can’t find forgiveness, know that our most cherished gift to ourselves is when we are willing to live more completely through a mind of love and gentleness.

We must be willing to stay true to our conviction that decision is our constant companion.  Further, in exercising our decision with the attitude of joining God’s energy, we can simply obliterate any former thoughts of pain and misery.  This all fades away when we just keep choosing God no matter what.


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