ACIM Lesson 328

Lesson 328: “What is Creation?”  “I choose second place to gain the first.”

We have this amazing guarantee from God in the Course that all of the ego’s laws cease to exist the moment we make the decision to let them vacate. 

We are convinced by the ego that we need desperately to compete with everyone else to the degree of pushing forcefully other people out of our way so we can get to be first. 

The ego thinks that when we win then we are saved and then we get the goods on the earth because we are the ones with the most powerful position.

The ego also believes in scarcity.

The ego thinks that there must always be a winner and a loser. 

There is no way around this.  This means that we have to push to be first, because the idea that everyone can win and everyone is first place is never a thought the ego would even consider.

All of the ego’s laws make us feel worse but we listen to them and it feels familiar to hear.

The Course reminds us that we never need to put ourselves out of our way to get in line because in God’s actual Universe, we all win no matter what worldly position we appear to be in.

God never has the intention of leaving anyone out if we don’t happen to be the first in line. 

This eliminates all of that fierce push to get into line.

Then suddenly, we can just saunter up and get in line whenever it pleases us, because we have the benefit of living in God’s Universe where we all get the same promise and reality of God’s salvation for all of us.

The ego has that old forceful thrust to get ourselves into power.

But the Course says that we want to live our lives with gentleness and humility. 

We have the most exquisite reality of realizing that God unconditionally loves all of us without fail and that we can just sit and enjoy this. 

But while we do that, we just need to remember to hold God’s gentle grace, within us when we accept God’s tremendous gift.

We need to remember that everyone is equally loved by God and equally favored, but also that this is our gift.

We can be utterly thrilled about our amazing fortune, but just give space to others to live and appreciate their fortune as well. 

The Course invites us to sit with that feeling of grandeur that we know we are lovable, but also just be sure we hold a humble heart where we remember how blessed we are to join with others in God’s Love.

  We must accept God Love with a grateful heart that allows us to feel our certainty fully.


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