ACIM Lesson 350

Lesson 350: “What is a Miracle?”  “Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.  To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.”

We learn that the Miracle is made from the substance of God’s Essence and Love. 

The miracle mirrors God.  The concept is that the mirror is exactly like God in the effect of being the perfect manifestation of the way to heal the world.

The miracle is just like God, and this is what they mean by mirror, so that we can trust that the miracle of Love is of exactly the same essence of God.

Therefore, we can use the miracle in the world to totally heal all.

There is nothing that cannot be saved and healed by the miracle because it is of God and because God is supremely powerful and perfect. 

Therefore, we can count on Him implicitly to be consistent.  

We have this guarantee from God so we can have faith that the miracle will always work in bringing love when there is a worldly situation that is lacking in Love. 

The miracle mirrors God and so it is as close to God as is possible on one hand, so it is real. 

But, on the other hand, it is also unreal, in that the miracle exist in the world and in time and is impermanent because when we all or even one of us remember we never left God, then the world and all the need for healing there will simply disappear in a second because it is no longer necessary as we see it.  

The Course reminds us to just appreciate that we in fact have no need for miracles eventually, because when the world is no longer needed.

The world disappears and we know all is well.

At that time, we no longer need the miracle as it is because we see the perfection in everything as it is.

This means that the miracle, as handy as it is and as perfect as it is, is provided for the purpose of healing the world in every way, is something that will disappear.

While we walk here with our brothers and sisters and God, we can trust that it is also not the truth.  It is still with a slight degree of separation from God.

The truth is simply that we don’t need the miracle when we know how lovable we are and that God loves us- this is why miracles eventually disappear.

Thus, in some way, we are saying that the miracles are expressing also a little bit of separation from God.

Meaning ,we are as close as we can be to God with the miracle, yet this is not the state of the pure bliss of God’s Infinite state of Knowledge where we just exist in the experience of God and as God because we are God.


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