ACIM Lesson 351

Lesson 351: “What am I?”  “My sinless brother is my guide to peace.  My sinful brother is my guide to pain.  And which I choose to see I will behold.”

We are asked to use the lens of God consistently. 

Our brothers and sisters are the quickest way to get to Heaven because they allow us to feel the experience of God’s joining energy of Love that we share among us when we love each other.

 This is why our brothers and sisters can be our best friends.  They also allow us to see ourselves instantly.

When we know they are simply a projection of us, then we realize that we are simply seeing our own unresolved attack energy out side of us in them. 

They can be the real teachers for us in what is really happening within us us. 

When we see them and react in some way toward their behavior, this can be there perfect gift of awakening we need to simply open our eyes to whatever we have shoved under our own rug emotionally and energetically. 

They all do us service in this way.

Part of the reasons we get so harsh with them when the ego judges is because we make them bad for whatever we did not like in what they did.

However, the Course invites us to simply step back from that return attack toward them, because what we experience from them is also within ourselves as well. 

We all feel attack energy, and we all have moments of being inappropriate in our expression of this attack energy. 

When we remember this, then we are more likely to feel truly compassionate toward our brothers and sisters instead of blaming them. 

Then we can halt our attack energy back.  We just sit and resist and release that urge to bite back verbally.

Our egos always see judgement.  One of the trickiest things about loving our brothers and sisters is that the ego chimes in with a seriously heavy load of judgment.

We make our brothers and sisters the bad guys, and we make them enemies, just because the ego wants more than anything to never experience what the ego believes is justified self criticism. 

The ego likes to skate off scot-free with nothing but kudos.

The ego wants to blame everyone else.  It looks simple to blame others because they are outside of us and sure look separate.

The Course really sets us straight.  The reality is that it turns out that our brothers and sisters- who appear to be the ones we blame out there  they are truly simply projections into the world of our own energy and attack.

When we have attack thoughts we necessarily make them out there since the Universe gets created this way through our participation in thinking. 

Whatever we think comes into form.

It may take some time and so it may seem like it is not truly happening because it is a gradual change. 

But the reality is that this is absolutely so.

This means we want to give our hearts to God immediately and start on our splendid path of serenity and perfect peace, because we can simply make ourselves happy this way.

This is a guarantee in the process, but we also get the splendid gift of making a fresh new world because our projected thoughts when we think with God are now elevated. 


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