Lesson 257 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, September 14, 2015

Lesson 257: “What is sin?” “Let me remember what my purpose is.”

The Course asks us to have a single minded determination.  And then remember just one thing.  This is the beauty of something so simple.  No matter how much our egos succeed at complicating everything, we can just turn away from our run around within of the insistence on making everything much more difficult than it would be otherwise.

Our egos are very good at making even the simplest of goals somehow beyond our reach.  We have to forgive ourselves and forgive our egos for insisting on maintaining insanity.  We just have to stay focused on one task.  God gives us just one purpose, one goal, one concept to reach.  No matter how tempting it can be to make everything much more complicated, the Course teaches us to keep it simple.

Make a clear goal but have just one goal.  Know that God’s purpose, God’s desires and God’s Will is the only one we need to hold and keep and live through.  This means we can put away the ego’s icy slopes that are always crashing us into the mountainside.  When we are clear- with a certain mind and heart- nothing can give us reason to falter.  Nothing can interfere with our commitment to God when we stay focused on just this single intention.

Nothing else matters.  We don’t have to hope for some way to reach this unified intention within ourselves.  This is already present and there inside us because God put it there.  We don’t have to worry that we won’t be able to connect with this God energy within us.  God says that He put His essence within us long before we ever had the mistaken belief in our separation from God.  Therefore, we would always be able to find our way back to God’s purpose which is within us because it exists always and will forever be there.

This lesson says, “”If I forget my goal I can but be confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in my actions.”  The Course teaches the importance of aligning ourselves entirely with God’s purpose.  The Course says the way to be an effective teacher and student in the world is to have ourselves aligned entirely within ourselves and with God.  Therefore, we want to always notice if our intention is aligned with our emotions and behavior.  We want to be perfectly aligned so that our energy is then optimally powerful.

When all of our selves and all that we do is aligned within ourselves we become remarkably powerful in who we are.  This is the way to live in a way where we can change the world.  The way to be both powerful and loving within all of our interactions is the way to our own peace and the way to find it as well within the masses.  When our whole selves are aligned with God we end up being incredibly powerful because no part of ourselves is in conflict within ourselves or in conflict with God.  This is the way to be both truly peaceful and also live a full and productive life in the experience of our humanness.  When we are truly aligned within this is the way to move mountains if we so choose.


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