ACIM Lesson 145

Lesson 145: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “Beyond this world there is a world I want.”  “It is impossible to see two worlds.”

The Introduction 4 here says, “It is this thought by which the Father gave Creation to His Son, establishing the Son as co-creator with Himself.” 

The Course’s version of God I find to be totally liberating and refreshing. 

Jesus says that we are creators, just like God, which makes perfect sense considering the fact that we are made from the exact same Energy and Purpose as God. 

The Course reminds us that God so loves us, and therefore, we are gifted with the exact same likeness as God, and furthermore, we have the firm right to our abundance, and all the certainty, and love, and miracles, that the Godly Kingdom can offer anyone. 

We are humble receivers of all the good stuff, since we are graced with the abundance in the world, as everyone is equally graced. 

Therefore, we can have complete faith it will come true continually, and is true now, as long as we claim it as our own.

God says that we create just like Him because of our energetic similarity to God, and this is a durable truth. 

This is a finalized agreement. 

But what is even better is that not only can we create, but God has given us the rights to co-create in our own lives. 

Co-creating with God can seem like such an arrogant potential, but the Course reminds us that God loves us so much, and God Himself knows our worth completely, and therefore, we can trust God’s option of us. 

God always institutes within us that inner knowing that all is well since God is our Benefactor.  

We are in the position of making our lives, and the world we live in, an amazing adventure, filled to the max with that motion of surprise parties, and thus, we have God’s favor completely. 

God wants us to enjoy that feeling of fullness in our own inner sanctuaries, where we witness our full self-empowerment, because there is simply no reason to feel any less than amazing about ourselves. 

God wants us to never have a moment of confusion that our co-creating makes us arrogant, in the act of co-creating with God.  Creating with God seems awfully presumptuous.  

Who are we to create just like God?  It makes us seem over the top for sure! 

The Course reminds us that this amazing attribute that we all have to create just like God is actually taken from a place of full humility. 

We must remember our certainty, that we are totally lovable, and we are God’s children, and so our worth allows us to create our lives in the way God affords us.  

We want to remember this with zero grandiosity, but fully come into this amazing moment of our grandeur with God. 

Since we are Who we are, we never have to have a moment of doubt that there is anything wrong with our co-creating with God, like the ego’s recklessly pushing its own agenda in grandiosity.

I love the Course’s version of God because now God has zero ego. 

Commonly, in religions, God would not want us to have a similar power as God because God would feel threatened if we do. 

Then, we would have to turn around and take care of God’s feelings, and this is most certainly an ego trip. 

God has no ego, and therefore, no problem with an ego, and so all these ego problems disappear when we realize this.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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