Lesson 193 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lesson 193: “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

The world says life is really trying.  The world appears to have a multitude of assaults all throughout our days.  Our egos instantly judge these situations.  Our minds so quickly jump to attack the circumstance because we deem it an unnecessary evil.  We are commonly inundated with these events that transpire that seem completely unpleasant and unkind and have no purpose at all.  We jump to the conclusion that this sort of stuff that happens is because there is no God or God is angry with us.

And most certainly we think that God doesn’t love us if we are subjected regularly to these instances of upset.  Often after judging we feel desperate to get out of these situations.  Then we often resort to living in the future that never comes.  Our egos insist that we will have it better when this or that thing is over.  Then we completely miss the moment of now.  This is terrible for us when we are trying to get out of whatever is happening now.  We then are living in conflict within because we are resistant to the now, which is the only time there is anyway.  Then we end up suffering so much more because we are trying to not exist in the present moment.  This is when we try to leave our minds in the future so we don’t have to suffer through the present that we have concluded is a terrible place to be under the current circumstances.
The Course reminds us that nothing goes unused.  Every experience has purpose.  The situation in the moment may seem to our egos as something dreadful and one we are trying our very best to avoid and so denying that it exists at all.  Our egos may end up doing a real dance to get away from the moment.  But the Course teaches us that everything serves an important purpose.  Everything will teach us exactly what we need to know.  This may seem incredibly unlikely because our egos can’t wrap their minds around how something such as physical suffering can be helpful.  And there are plenty of other resistance stances we might have to what we call growing pains emotionally and spiritually.  We may just not understand how what we perceive of as pain can possibly serve a purpose.

The Course teaches us that if something is happening to us then we are in the right place.  With our own limited perspective it may be quite difficult to comprehend how something that we deem unpleasant and unwanted could ever serve our purpose.  This is a wonderful practice in faith.  We are asked to trust that God never creates a circumstance that isn’t beneficial to us.  This is so important to take in deeply.  When we are not believing that the present moment is prescribed by God and created from His purpose we will struggle immensely.  Then we will be so resistant to being in the moment it will be especially challenging to be there.  We need to trust that God has a plan with our lives.  Know that nothing is ever wrong.  Then we can find something to love in the moment because we won’t instead be trying to override being there.

This lesson says, “Forgive and you will see this differently.”  Before I read the Course I didn’t think about forgiveness all the time.  What we are asked to do is make this the absolute constant.  We also need to forgive situations.  This is the chance to erase our judgment about it.  This is our chance to relieve any of our suffering over resisting the moment.  When we find ourselves in a predicament that seems impossible to accept that God has some good purpose for us to be in it, just turn to forgiveness.  When we apply forgiveness to the situation. our struggle over it disappears.  When we find we are up in arms with the circumstance, just give it  the largest dose of forgiveness that we can muster.


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