Lesson 256 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lesson 256: “What is sin?” “God is the only goal I have today.”

What the Course gives us is a way to organize our thoughts.  When we have various thoughts we tend to give some of them more space in our minds, or we keep listening to them in the form of judgments or victimization (of ourselves).  When we have recurring thoughts this is what creates our energy as well and gets manifested and reflected into a visible reality outside of ourselves.  This is why the crux of the Course is to teach us how to choose our thoughts and what thoughts to choose to occupy the grand majority of our consciousness.

The Course teaches us to pay attention to what thoughts we have because this is the foundation of both who we are as people and then what our life looks like on the outside or in the world.  The Course explains how to understand what kind of thoughts we are having, whether they are dark or light essentially, meaning what the Course calls “real” or “not real” thoughts.  This is why we are asked to take very seriously what quality of thoughts we are having, because our peace of mind is at stake when we are not having thoughts of light.
The Course says that it’s acceptable while we live in the world to have moments of real challenge where we authentically feel hurt or are upset in response to some event that happens or in response to our own reaction over what we see in the world.  The Course says we don’t need to deny feelings.  In fact Jesus teaches us in the Course to not bury our pent up feelings.  Give them a voice and experience the feeling of them because they are important in the story of who we are.  But then be willing to let them go.  Jesus says don’t put ourselves in the perpetual situation of feeling like the victim.  And whenever we become over focused on our story it is in fact from some unclear need to attach to our state of self-inflicted-pain.

We are asked to walk a fine line.  We can learn from prayer and from God exactly how to do this if we yet to have experience of how to release our role as constant victim- once we realize we are ready to remove ourselves from it.  Jesus says when we focus on our identity as one who is suffering, inevitably this takes us most definitely out of God’s certainty and our cherished sense of peace.  We find that we can let go of the need to perpetuate our own suffering by emphasizing our story when we are open to feeling the releasing of this back to the healing realm of God’s altar.

We need to understand that we need to, on one hand, understand that as a human we all have a story, but hold that with no attachment whatsoever, no emphasis in our minds and hearts.  What we are asked to do is hold on the other hand with a hundred percent of our focus that we could never be injured and have never been injured no matter how our story reads.  When we hold this completely then we can actually get out of the need to stay in our victimhood.  This is the way to actual healing, when we understand- within this emotional organization- how much emphasis to put on each part of our emotional experience.  The Course says, make Jesus the only reality in our minds and live in God’s certainty.  We just need to understand the Course’s emotional logic here.

And if it seems too hard to grasp yet, just hang in there and stick with it, one day at a time.


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