ACIM Lesson 301

Lesson 301: “What is the Second Coming?”  “And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.”

We never have to feel guilty for sinning. 

The ego makes us the enemy to ourselves, the primary obstacle we have.  The ego makes our punishment for sinning something we can’t escape.  We get backed into the corner with the ego’s insane beliefs and we don’t know how to get out of the corner- even in our minds we are baffled by the ego’s assumed right to punish us.  We think God is similar to this crazy ego mindset; that makes God the worst enemy imaginable.

The Course sets us straight once and for all.

God is loving to the core. 

There is not a sliver of behavior or Energy from God that is anything other than God’s sole Essence.  God is loving and forgiving. 

God never holds grievances because God is not in time.  God also knows we are perfect as we are so whatever looks to us to be sin, God sees it as rather a mistake without consequence.  When we error in the world, this is in an illusion that is not part of God’s reality.  This is why the error in time simply ceases to exist in the realm that is the Heaven of God’s perfect Love.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear when we approach God- wondering if God will still love us when the ego makes madness in our reality.  All we have to do is understand that God is always gentle and always kind and loving.  God never gives us cause to fear retribution at the hand of God.  This is why we can just relax.  We don’t have to stress and worry that God may get angry about our sin.

This never happens because there is no sin in God’s perfect Universe.

We are excused from any illusory contribution to an eventual punishment from the God. 

We just have to realize that God is ever so gentle. 

He cares for us with a very strong and durable Energy because God has all the power in the Universe in His Love. 

However, it is also totally kind and loving.  God cares most that we feel loved and cared for.  Nothing else matters to Him.

God loves us as a deeply devoted Father.  He shows up to help us if we skin our knee.  The world is full of insane behavior and we are bound to meet obstacles there no doubt.

The Course reminds us that God applies the most delicate touch.  God never hurts us for any reason. 

We just have to remember this truth and let God be the perfect Parent He is, giving us the sweetest way to return to the salvation He promised.


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