Lesson 299 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lesson 299: “What is the Real World?”  “Eternal holiness abides in me.”

Jesus teaches us here that we have an eternal relationship with our holiness.  Our holiness exists now and in each new awakened moment.  Our holiness means that nothing whatsoever can threaten or impinge on our holiness.  It is always fully operational.  We don’t have to do anything to get to it.  It exists now, it exists as we speak, it exists in the deepest part of us.  Deep within is where our essence lives and exists and this is where God teaches us to be in touch with our holiness.

Our holiness in fact exists all within and throughout us.  However, God also teaches us to identify with this.  Many of us have moments when holiness seems like a foreign idea.  We may truly struggle to even imagine our center full of holiness.  We are so trained to believe in our flawed selves.  It is a tremendous gift that we have this holiness given by God to each of us in equal standing to show us this truth about ourselves.  Our holiness from our ego standpoint is a far stretch for our imagination.

God however, says that this is the truth of us.  Even if we have to sit a moment or sit a long time and simply allow the concept to resonate within us.  We may need ample time to start to integrate this idea within us.  We may reject this on most levels of our minds and hearts.  People are not used to going so far as to say we are each individually holy.  Churchgoers may also grapple with this crazy concept.  The big challenge is that we are asked to understand that this is truth.  We may on the surface think it seems like a fabulous idea.

It’s the deeper inner struggle we have when we stand up and try on how it feels inside when we have integrated this within us.  We often notice that there is still work to be done around taking this in more fully.  This is why it matters that we bring our consciousness to the equation.  We need to sit and notice our blocks around this.  Then pray and ask God for the helping hand to actually carry out this transformation in our thinking.

We need to bring our willingness.  This is always our bottom line.  When we assert our willingness, then we are engaged in doing our individual part in the making of our resolution with getting to that place of seeing ourselves as holy.  We also are best served when we look that this within us now- how is it that we can accept our holiness is eternal and permanent and unchanging?  We may need to do some emotional work now to make peace with our new understanding of our Godly identity as one who is ever holy.  Even if we are able to do this then in this moment, it still may be important to revisit the issue down the line.  We need to say the words again in a while and check in then too to see if we are still at peace with believing this.  This is our most important task.  This is the way we forget not that we are creatures of God.


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