Lesson 298 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lesson 298: “What is the Real World?” “I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.”

The Course is teaching us how to love.  It teaches us to love everything.  We often in our worldly ego thoughts exclude certain people from love.  Even if we are not aware that we are doing this, very often our hearts are closed to certain people.  When our ego mind gets triggered we end up not wanting to join energetically with those people we have relegated in our minds of not being worthy of being loved by us.  Jesus is teaching us in the Course to pay attention.

And when we notice we do this, then make it right by aligning our hearts and mind intentions with God’s purpose.  Then we surely will be able to love because Jesus teaches us that all people are worthy of love.  We often may not even be aware we are holding our love back.  When there is a lot happening in the world, often our ego quickly fills our minds with some rationale about why we are withholding love, it says that this other person has this or that flaw.  We may even do it subconsciously so we may not catch it readily.  We are learning in the Course how to love everyone equally.

We don’t have to spend time with someone or get married to someone with whom we don’t feel moved to relate.  We don’t have to have some grand relationship with them even.  What matters is that we don’t withhold love from them.  Even if in worldly ways we don’t resonate with their energy or behavior, we can nonetheless just show up to love them.  When we understand we love them, then we have set aside our judgement- as we have released that declaration of their unworthiness.

When we allow ourselves to love freely other people then we are joining in the energy of God.  When we accept them and invite them into our minds of love and forgiveness, then we are doing the will of God.  When we instead judge them and engage in various attack thoughts about them because we decide we don’t like them, then we block the flow of God’s Love.  This is why we are invited in the Course to stay tuned into our minds which are a judging machine.

We are also learning how to love ourselves equally as others.  We as individuals are in the Sonship of God as well as those outside of us.  It is easy to forget about including ourselves in this role which we ourselves.  We are equally prepared for this role as God’s bringers of salvation to the world as those with whom we share the planet.  When we forget that we are as worthy as others then the underlying issue is because we have forgotten to forgive ourselves.  Inevitably we have issues that are unresolved and we probably are aware of that on some level.  What happens while we live is often that we are aware of some seeming fault and are unwilling to forgive ourselves.  Then we sit in guilt because we are blaming or shaming ourselves.  Then we end up on a real emotional rollercoaster which certainly results in our withholding love from ourselves.

The Course teaches us to stay engaged in the task of forgiving. This is a constant need.  When we forget to forgive either ourselves or others, we always end up withholding love.  When we withhold love we are missing out on our Godly purpose.  We came to this crazy world to be the expression of an ever flowing and abundant love, for all.


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