Lesson 112 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lesson 112:  Review: “Light and joy abide in me.” “I am as God created me.”

The entire purpose of the Course is to teach us to come to the understanding that light and joy are actually in us.  We don’t have to look elsewhere.  It is actually what we are made of.  Therefore, these are always in abundant supply.  This is why we can just go crazy about loving our lives because we have the very best of essence and insides we could ever want.  Sometimes our ego gets lost in replaying the drama and feeling like a victim.  We have to just put that voice into ‘mute’ mode.  It is a false perception and totally untrue.  The Course wants us to come to deeply realize there is and never has been anything wrong with us.  We are always filled with light and joy because these are the essence of God who is our Creator.

When we realize light and joy are simply within us with no effort whatsoever, I think it helps bridge the gap we have when we are trying to live out our true function.  When we know these our our very insides then it doesn’t seem like such a stretch to live them and manifest them.  They are the substance of who we are, so then we just need to work on remembering them.

When we are certain that God is our Source and energy of Creation then we can set aside any doubt that we are anything other than divine energy.  We can just enjoy the lightness within because when we connect with it and touch it, we can integrate it into our lifestyle.  These remind us that happiness is our most blessed gift.  This is the great gift God gave us for all eternity.


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