Lesson 260 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lesson 260: “What is sin?” “Let me remember God created me.”

One of the most striking things to me about the Course is the way that Jesus talks to us and teaches us- it is utterly gentle.  I think religions are often with swords in one hand while they preach from the pulpit and then strike us in the moments to accentuate our learning.  Lots of teachers are harsh in their styles and make us tremble on our knees.  We often are met with harsh instructions meant to scare us into submission.  Lots of people somehow got the wrong idea of God- that God is out to set us straight at any cost.  Thus God often gets seen as a ruler with the insistence that we follow so we must just desperately try to steer clear of getting punished for the occasion lapse.

The Course instead is very gentle.  Jesus here doesn’t try to beat us into submission.  Jesus gently reminds us of what is the truth.   Jesus doesn’t beat us over the head with it.  He just catches our eyes sometimes and starts a conversation with us about our forgetting.  He doesn’t try to force any truth on us.  Jesus knows that we are all perfect as we are so he (and God) have no reason to be hurtful in any way.  God just wants us to wake up.

Therefore, no one gets pushed or prodded.  God just sits and gently waits until we are open to watching and noticing God.  God just patiently waits and smiles serenely and seriously, but so lightly.  God has no concern that we won’t find our way back to the memory of Him.  Thus, God doesn’t get stressed or upset and so then pushy toward us in our process.  God has every reason to act in a heart of peace.  He gently waits for us to come, for us to come to our senses and reengage with our sanity.

We can trust that God is always just whispering in our ear what the truth is.  God has no agenda about time because God is not limited by time.  Therefore, all we need to do is return to God when we are called to do so.  Then we never have a moment where God is stressed about our return or where we need to stress about our return.  It is the most simple and easy process we could ever imagine.  We just have to be willing to remember our truth which is that we are the creations of God.

When we know that God made us then we will be willing to play the part of the endlessly powerful God empowered beings.  When we realize we are nothing but the energy of God extended into form then we can live in the miracle.  We can live in the experience of miracle-mindedness at each moment.  When we remember God created us then all of our experience becomes the happy dream that God promises us.

We live in the present and exude joy to all the ones with whom we share this dream.  When we simply remember that we came from God, then all of the questions we might be facing in our day simply become clear.  We can stop any sense of anxiety because we know as the heirs to God’s kingdom, we have no reason to doubt or hesitate or suffer in our minds.  Each part of life becomes a blessing when we connect with Him from whom we came.


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