ACIM Lesson 289

Lesson 289: “What is the Holy Spirit?”  “The past is over.  It can touch me not.”

This lesson says, “Unless the past is over in my mind, the real world must escape my sight.” 

The Course teaches that our intention sets the stage for the nature of all of our experiences.

We must feel free and clear of our anger or frustration about what happened in the past. 

When we allow ourselves to remain in the attack mode about what we perceived happened in the past, then we just perpetuate the unwanted things that happened in the past.

We bring that energy with us to the present because we are yet to be undone with that particular energy. 

That means we will have the exact same problems in the present and future.  Our desired purpose is to change what intention we bring to the scenario.  Our intention speaks volumes.

Our intention is what is the cornerstone of what we create in our manifested reality.

This is why the Course reminds us to choose it wisely and choose it with a heart of peace.

The past is over and that is why we can let it go. 

Sometimes when we hang out for any length of time with our egos we start to believe what it purports.

The ego makes the past real.  The ego makes the past’s problems all seem like valid challenges.

The ego brings the suffering with us into the next moment instead of stopping short our suffering intention and making it end with one clear choice.  

We are reminded that our intention sets the stage for all of our life’s happenings.  The intention is what goes into the mix of what we make so it comes right back to us with our thoughts projected outward.

The Course asks us to realize that the past is over.  We are asked to truly be done with it.  The ego likes to carry the suffering with us from the past to the present.  We are asked not to allow this to occur.  It never feels good to have the same old thing that we were not happy about before happen again.  This is why we want to make certain that our minds don’t feel the same suffering over the past that  will now be created energy in the present.   We want to let it go and understand it is all finished.  The past is nothing.

We have no memory of it when we allow ourselves to be above the battleground. 

We want to let the battles pass right before our eyes.  We may feel a draw toward a wounding from the past’s setbacks.

But this is just our minds needing to catch up with the true reality that there was never anything wrong. 

We must realize it has no power to affect us when we remember it can not hurt us because we have the will and purpose of God at our side supporting our energy.  This means nothing can hurt us.  We need to simply take this to heart.  Our role is to remember that nothing has the power to affect us in any negative way.

Letting the past be undone is difficult in some ways because we are humans with human emotions.  Ideally, we keep learning this truth and let it sink in deeper.  Then, there will be a time when remembering the unreal quality of the past and future will become easily accepted.

We can practice this vigilantly and we can pray to God to help us in the process when we have moments of getting attached to making the past real.


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