3-7-15 Lesson 66 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lesson 66: “My happiness and my function are one.”

We have to remind ourselves that our function is God’s.  This is ever so helpful because we can live in accordance with His Will.  This then brings peace because we are in sync with ourselves about how to live.  When we are not in conflict within, this is what creates our sense of peace.  When we join with God’s purpose and God’s will we absolutely feel free and unfettered because we are not trying to live in a way that is not our true selves.  Thus, we end the battle within that the ego rages to try to stomp out attack.  But this tactic always ends up perpetuating the attack because it doesn’t simply say, a simple, easy- NO.  Instead it wages war because that’s how the ego functions.

Therefore, true peace is ours when we stop fighting against God’s will.  When we realize it is our will too, we can perfectly happily lay down our swords.  We lose the interest in attack when we adequately inform ourselves that our will is to join with God’s purpose.  Then we feel totally light because we realize darkness was not God’s call.  When we stop doing battle within about what our function is then we have the prime opportunity to clarity with certainty what is the nature of our function as God’s children.  We get to be happy!  Doesn’t get better than that, does it!

This is not difficult or stress-inducing.  In fact it is complete bliss because all we have to do is perceive with lightness and allow everything to bring joy for all the gifts our things and events bring.  We have to know it’s all good.  Everything we see is meant to bring us utmost joy.  We can feel so grateful when we simply accept this.  We can experience everything with a sense of enthusiasm because we know it’s great thing, after gift, after great thing, after gift, and on.  The abundance of blessing and joy never slows or ceases.

If we stop being able to see all the joy, that’s a good time to ask the Holy Spirit, God’s loving messenger, how to live only in expression of this function to be light and happy.  Sometimes our wires get crossed, and we forget.  With great fortune, there are angels on our path who can remind us of the genuine truth.

This lesson says, “The ego attacks, the Holy Spirit does not respond.”  I have a deeply held belief that God attacks, God is critical, God is punitive, God is judgmental.  I have  been profoundly influenced by most religions in our culture that teach participants that God attacks.  This is one thing I could never feel peace with and so get especially enthusiastic about the Christian churches I knew.  Because this to me seemed like an inconsistency and a non-loving God.  I couldn’t get comfortable with it so I learned about and tried lots of different religions, but nothing stuck until the Course.  And this is one of the reasons why.


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