ACIM Lesson 89

Lesson 89: “I am entitled to miracles.”  “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

The miracle is our shift in consciousness that allows us to realign ourselves with God. 

Tuning into God’s elevated energy of love and forgiveness works because we are God’s chosen children.  

This is our reality if we let it be.

We have the miracle which allows us to rise above any of the battleground of feelings where we feel upset or angry or anxious or any feeling that is not love.

The miracle is our own personal humanly route to get to that elevated place where we realize that nothing in the world has the capacity to injure us, or give us any amount of difficulty or suffering when we simply allow the miracle to happen within us.  

We just need to be willing to get out of the way, in the ego’s rigid and controlling behavior, where we try to model the world after the ego’s sparse perspective. 

The miracle is the only way to remember our sanity and to remember that God totally loves us. 

When we identify with God, and we feel that we are totally lovable, then, our whole attitude and outlook dramatically changes. 

Often the reality even changes in physical form as well because we stop being attached to anything we see.  The miracle is our gift to ourselves.

The problem is that we forget we are worthy of miracles. 

Who doesn’t want to be happy, and who doesn’t want to feel good when we are in the groove of the miracle?  Everybody wants it when they really think about things.  The problem is only that we have really low self esteem.

Our egos are always claiming we are the worst ones out there, and that we have nothing going for us. 

We have the chance to change our minds about ourselves.

We have God in the Course’s perspective explaining to us that we are totally sinless and innocent, and God knows we are perfect, and that we have the right to all abundance in the world. 

We just need to get used to this because it is entirely different from the ego’s old tune of poverty, and zero confidence, or certainty in self.  

When we don’t feel that we are worthy, then we won’t stand up and interject miracles into all we see, because our hearts and minds feel we are not worthy of this effort, and we are not worthy of the effort of choosing again. 

We are learning how and why we are meant to feel worthy, and this is the only important thing we need to do in this life.  Let’s thank God we are entitled to feeling empowered.


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