Lesson 160 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lesson 160:  “I am at home.  Fear is the stranger here.”

This lesson is talking about how we feel.  We are in the world and living this human life just now.  If we are fortune enough we get to have a sense of home here.  Most of us envision a home for ourselves as some place we feel perfectly safe, somewhere we feel supported and experience peace.  And we may spend time and money in the world making our homes particularly a certain way because we hold the notion within that the home is an ideal place where we can live, rest and recuperate.

Even if we don’t actually have a home of this sort yet, we may be in the process of creating it.  Most people have a clear ideal about what would feel like home to them.  We all know since we are going to spend a lot of time at home and invite others to our home, we have ample reason to create something that just rocks our worlds and gives us cause to celebrate being in our homes.  We can usually all agree that whatever is our ideal home is  a place we want to spend abundant time there.

We share the same idea that home is a welcome place where we want to frequent.  God is reminding us here that our state of mind is what creates our sense of home.  We want to keep getting there because most of us in our idealized world have homes that are our happiest places.  God reminds us that our state of mind is the true component that dictates what exactly feels so perfect and appropriate for us.  The state of mind is the thing that we can choose so we create a feeling within us that is wonderful and desired.

This mental state is what makes our actual home.  The place of our home can change plenty of times.  However, our peace is wholly unaffected if we simply stay in our certainty and live in the experience of God’s love.  The Course reminds us here that the physical presentation is just what we happen to see in the moment.  The environment can change indefinitely.  What gives us the feeling of being exactly where we want to be- our home- is that we live in the knowledge that we are perfectly lovable.  And nothing ever went wrong.  When we feel God’s feeling, nothing can interfere with our sense of perpetual peace.

This lesson says, “There is no home can shelter love and fear.  They cannot coexist.”  This is a helpful reminder to be clear that we aren’t trying to just squeeze fear into our days.  We may exude plenty of love, but what regularly happens is that fear as well takes its place too in our minds.  We have to be vigilant about not allowing fear to tag along with us.  We have to firmly say- no- it has no right to come along because it is contrary to what gives us an aligned heart.  This gives us a desperate scenario within because we are trying to carry opposing factors and they can’t coexist.  Thus, we have to turn away the fear, sure that it means nothing to our minds.


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