Lesson 161 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lesson 161: “Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.”

First we are asked to understand that God’s salvation is available to everyone, to us, to our brothers and sisters and all who walk the earth.

What happens sometimes is we get surges of fear and anger and we are not able to withstand them without reacting and acting out in some expression of lack of love.  We get stuck when our inner light is dampened because we are not able to unblock the flow of God’s love and certainty.   Here Jesus gives us a practical example.  When we have this spells of overwhelming disturbance and stress we lose the memory of our connection with God.  What Jesus says we can do when we discover we are stumped and out of synch with our Creator is that we find a sure way to return.

Jesus says that we made specifics.  The world is where our the belief in our wholeness is fragmented. Our disturbance is always an unpleasant experience because God says our  natural state is perfect and whole.  Therefore, what we need to do is give our thoughts and give the situation to the Holy Sprit who makes Himself ever available to guide us through the stormy terrain.  We just need to hold faith in our minds that the Holy Spirit will always respond with  kindness and instruction for our unique approach to living.

We got confused by this act of being fragmented. This lesson says, “Every mind contains all minds, for every mind is one.”  This is why this practical application of the Course’s Lesson works without fail.  All we need to do is hold him (our beloveds) in the eye of God’s salvation.  We just have to remember that he was never less than whole so he is eternally worthy of salvation.   This always works to get us out of our minds of fear and anger as when we see that our brothers are always worthy of salvation we see also that we will receive the very same consideration.  When we focus on the reality that in the Universe there is no fragmentation then we will discover that the error of getting fully immersed in our anger and fear has no reality.

Because we are all unified in the Universal energy of God, we are connected always with our brothers and sisters.  Thus, when they are afforded such peace in the form our our salvation then we are all equally blessed.  We all end up with the identical fate of the very best of the best’s realities because we are given God’s purpose.  We just need to be willing to see that we are as worthy as all others of being loved completely by our Maker.  This is why we can hold our brothers in our mind’s eye, without a shred of judgement- and simply see them as receiving God’s infinitely generous kindness- salvation.  When we use another as an example it can give us a quick way to connect with the reality of our own salvation because we see that we are one.  Therefore, we automatically find great peace and joy because we are the happy receivers of God’s best gift.


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