12-14-14 Lesson 348 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lesson 348: “I have no cause for anger or fear, for You surround me.  And in every need that I perceive, Your grace suffices me.”

When we don’t feel loved, our ego is apt to fill up with discordant feelings like anger and fear.  When we don’t recognize our solid connection to our Source as God we feel scarcity within because only emptiness remains.  If we don’t make a sure channel with God’s love then our insides become a blur of unsatisfying emotional mess.  We simply must realize that when we fill our minds and hearts with God’s goodness we cease struggling, we cease being the emotional victim.

We must understand that we need to be filled with something because in human form we are an energy vessel.  We therefore need to maintain an adequate and ideally optimally abundant connection with whatever is our most appropriate energy Source.  When we keep ourselves full then we can use this energy to live within that energy that exudes from our being.  We just have to accept that we need to connect with some energy that feeds us.  Once we let that be ok, then we can make sure that we choose God’s perfect love, not the ego’s stab at replacement for God’s divine love.  We have to choose because this is the way we create peace and joy and lightness within.

The Course teaches us to have compassion with ourselves in the event of anger and fear.  Sometimes when we learn about being spiritual, we get the idea that when we are enlightened successfully, we stop having fear and anger.  However, let’s let whatever comes up in our emotional worlds be one of thoroughly loved emotion.  All emotions teach us.  What we can do with fear and anger when it comes up, is we can just observe it.  Practice standing aside from judgement.  We don’t have to make assumptions about what these emotions mean or get judgmental about them and then assume we have some inherent flaw because we noticed these within.

Don’t make them our enemies.  Let’s practice holding them gently when they arise, ask them what is the message they have to share to help you come to terms with this other aspect of yourself.  Let it be a gift to the process of your growth.  See the feeling, witness it, love it and then let it go.  Just keep clearing out any tendency to judge the feelings and make them into something they are not.  Then when we let them go, just know they are actually not real and therefore can have no lasting impact on the ability of your mind to experience joy.  Give the feelings a voice, and then know they were never real.  Then we will be able to learn from them with compassion and interest and in no way feel wounded or scarred.


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