ACIM Lesson 200

Lesson 200: “There is no peace except the peace of God.”

The world is always coming up with brand new versions of what peace is. 

The ego feigns that you can buy peace in the grocery store disguised as cereal that is caked with sugary coating.  We think that anything that appears to sell us on something is essentially the closest we get to meeting our salvation.  We regularly tune out from God and instead turn up our radar about what the world is selling.  The ego makes it seem that God is nowhere to be found and has no plan that will work.  We give the world the power to be our savior because we don’t realize this is a huge blunder.

The world has no potential to heal us, feed us or give us any lasting peace.

God is always there for us and is within reach.  God is ready and eager about being our Go-to man.  He is the one who brings us everlasting peace.  We have to be ready for it.

The Course remind us that sometimes we forget we are worthy.

The ego is a star pupil at learning all the wrong information. 

The ego decides that we are the bad people and will never develop into anything good.  Therefore- “How could God love us?” the ego tells us.

The problem is that we forget that judgement entirely goes out the window in God’s kingdom. 

We have no need for judgement for anything because we have God showing us exactly where we need to be and go and therefore, we don’t have to do anything but be happy about being there.  The ego ls constantly judging everything.  The Course says that we must realize that judging makes no sense at all because God gave us the exact directions about how to proceed.  Therefore, all we are doing is God’s Will.  Therefore, all we have to do is not criticize the picture we see in front of us.

And we are meant to not judge our own thinking and ideas.  God does not believe in sin in any way.

Thus, there is no way that we ourselves can stoop to sin because God doesn’t even consider that any idea like sin is real. 

The problem with our relationship with sin is that we are all running around with egos that insist on feeling guilty when we sin.  Therefore, when we entertain an idea that sin exists then this necessarily means that our guilt must also arise since we are sinning.  Furthermore, we can expect this all the time because as humans, we are falling short from making the mark with no exception.  When God’s version of sin is accepted as unreal then, our guilt completely falls away.

Then we actually stop feeling guilty because we have no reason to feel guilty given we do not sin. 

This is why the Course cares that we remove this notion of sin.  Sin is always just the beginning of our inner war because when we believe sin exists then no one would escape from doing what the world considers as repentance for sin.

This means that then everyone would be consumed with the attack thoughts that come to mind regarding everyone if we allow sin to be real. 

One of the most important ideas of the Course is this understanding that sin has no negative impact on us because we deny that it has validity.  Then we truly escape all the backlash of what sin usually brings with it.

This lesson says, “What does forgiveness do?  In truth, it has no function, and does nothing.”  Forgiveness just negates the idea that a problem existed in the first place.

This is the simple undoing that the Course teaches us to make in our minds. 

This is why forgiveness doesn’t have to do anything, because we are simply acknowledging that  the problem is actually unreal. 

We remove the blocks- to Love’s Presence.  We forgive the blocks and then they go away because it is all undone in energy.


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