Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 41: “God goes with me everywhere I go.”

This means that there is nothing to worry about.  We typically run around with lots of wondering how we will get through our day.  Lots of us wonder how we will manage various stressors.  Life is filled with them, even if you have the best life out there.  Being human alone is stressful because people are always growing and evolving.  Even when we think growth only happens in childhood, the reality is that our growth never stops.  It may look different on the outside than when our bones are getting bigger.  But our bodies are always changing and our minds and hearts are always changing.  Even if we never expressly attempt to change, life circumstances always involve at least some amount of change over time.  This is stressful.  Even if we are very happy about changes- like getting married.  It all has a degree of difficulty because changing something in our system involves organizing around the change from the old circumstance to the new one, even if we are not aware of it.

This is a constant in life.

Change is inevitable.  But change is also a gift when we do it with God.  The Course says that God is never away from us.  God is always riding in the driver’s seat of our car.  And God is an automatic GPS.  God never, never, never gives us the wrong directions.  This feels so incredible when we can sit down in the passenger’s seat and relax.  We can and will trust that God is going to get us exactly where we need to go.

Sometimes we can feel like a victim in the life in the world.  We feel like a victim because the ego tells us that we can’t avoid an unpleasant scenario.  Then we can feel terrible about being there.  We feel like a victim so often when we think we should have gone the other direction.  Our ego shames us blames us and tells us how bad we are.  This is the start of a whole emotional roller coaster.  This is unfortunate always when we feel like we are to blame.  When we blame ourselves then we are faced with frustration and self-hatred and a huge dose of guilt over it all.  This is terrible shame when we get lost in our inner struggle about how to proceed in life.  When we make it our problem and think we ended up in a wrong place this the way to perpetuate our nightmare.

We just need to sit and realize deeply that God loves us and is perfectly happy to provide us with any amount of guidance and support we think we might need.  God is always with us.  We just need to remember this is so and then our trip into self hatred will end instantly because we realize God is the primary player of our team.  All we have to do is rely on Him and remember He is always there for the helping Hand we need and desire.


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