Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 35: “My mind is part of God’s.  I am very holy.”

We are learning to identify ourselves with God.
We are learning to see there is no difference from us and God.  This is why we are perfect. This is why we are sinless.  This is why we are holy.  We are nothing but the exact same miracle substance that is so powerful we don’t comprehend the immensity of it.  We often grew up thinking God was so holy that God was out of reach.  Often we got blamed for being arrogant and blasphemous when we went to the extent of seeing ourselves as something such as holy.  This seemed to be far bigger than we believed we are in reality.

This logic is flawed.  When we assume we are not good enough to be considered holy we need to come to terms with what is at the root of this belief.  When we believe we are just a small minded and small expression of energy consciousness then we assume that we are meant to be small and that we will always be small.  When we believe we are not good enough to be holy we have to stop and consider what is at the foundation of this.  When we believe we are just wasted matter and have no purpose and have no grand nature this is simply flawed thinking.  The ego likes to make us small.  Our ego thinks we have an opinion of ourselves that is accurate.  But the tragedy here is that this is just a flawed assumption.  We have to understand that our egos tend to believe in scarcity when it comes to our own goodness.  The ego assumes everything about us is in a tattered shape.  The ego says we are always in the wrong in how we see ourselves.

We need to understand that we are great enough to be God’s chosen ones.  This can seem like such a gigantic leap for most people.  This means telling people that they are ones chosen for the most amazing purpose that we could ever find in this life.  We are God’s children Who are as mighty in creation as God is.  We are designed from the exact same ilk as God.  This can seem even shocking to those of us who have a lowered self esteem.  We can believe that God is better and we can reject the news and reality that we are equally esteemed and equally worthy of any of God’s creations.  We can have an inability to believe this.  It seems like a tall tale.  We just sit and gasp.  It seems incredulous.  Holy seems like everyone else but not us.

Holy seems like a far fetched dream.  Holy seems out and out insane.  This does not seem like a description we can adopt even with effort.  Holy seems like a crazy fantasy that we will never engage with in our attitude about ourselves.  Holy seems reserved for God and Buddha and all the ascended masters.  Holy is a far off realm where no living regular soul can reach even when we get onto our tippy toes.

We just have to deny the disbelief that comes up when we allow ourselves to identify ourselves as holy.  We have to stand up and see how difficult this is often for us to accept.  This is where we need to forgive ourselves for being blocked about integrating this idea that we are holy.  Just know that it is true and stay vigilant about reminding ourselves this is true until this reality becomes a sense of second nature.


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