ACIM Lesson 193

Lesson 193: “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

We have a problem and God makes sure we get exactly what we need.

We trust His plan which magically orchestrates all the influx of situations- which are all lessons- because God is doing all the planning that we need. 

We are learning to appreciate everything and not hold judgement in our hearts when we see any kind of perceived setback.

We can trust that it all contains the perfect lessons for us from which to grow, and become bigger. 

We want to be bigger because this is the way to fill our minds with love.  We must allow whatever lesson God sees fit without our resistance.  At least when we can get to that moment where we compose ourselves and check out the problem with a curious eye, we then set down our need to criticize it.

We let God have the magic in the plan.  We notice what happens and we make our minds available for whatever teaching it may have for us.

Our job is to sit and invite that conversation with God. 

When we see any situation that appears to be within the midst of the battleground, we need to do is sit and chat with God.  But the key thing is that we make sure we get right down on our knees and seek that direction with God.

We make sure we listen and are open to what God prompts us to do. Then we take action in whatever way we feel called.

This lesson says, “Forgive, and you will see this differently.” 

This is definitely the crux of the Course.  We must bring our willingness to bring our problems right to God’s altar in the form of our serenity and openness regarding finding a different way of seeing what the problem we face.  We must be open about getting to a different answer.

The ego always has the same solutions that created the problem in the first place. 

Therefore the ego’s solutions never work, because we can’t heal something from the same energy that originated the problem in the first place.  The Course says clearly that we must bring God’s energy instead because the ego’s thinking lodges us  right back into that same nightmare from which we started.  We have to be willing to let God be our only answer before it can be effectively healed.

The problem with the world is that people get stuck in repeating the past.  The past didn’t work then for creating our lightness and peace and joy and it won’t work now because it is all of the ego.  Our purpose is to be open to God’s energy. 

We have to forgive what we think are the problems we see around us.

Often in the human experience, people may run right to trying to FIX the problem in a physical capacity because the ego tells us this change in form will aright the problem.

The Course says we can do any material action if we feel so called, but before, during and after the problem, we must forgive it. 

If our minds are still casting judgment about whatever the problem is then our energy is not aligned with God’s purpose.  Thus, we will not be able to solve the problem in any real way.

We start first with the energy of forgiveness.  We have to check into our own minds first.  When we decide the story of the problem should look differently than it does then we are attacking the problem mentally.

There is no way to heal in any substantial way until we forgive ourselves for judging, forgive the situation for being one our ego wants to judge, and forgive anyone else who plays a role in the situation.

This is what ultimately heals whatever seems to be off.  We need to let ourselves adjust our minds into something soft in the act of forgiving.  Then with this easy, gentle, loving feeling about the situation we can then act appropriately to fix it further in form since our minds are at rest with no grievances.  Forgiveness is always the most important thing we can do in any situation.

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    The ego has no capability of doing a post-mortem on a bad idea.

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