Lesson 325 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lesson 325: “What is Creation?”  “All things I think I see reflect ideas.”  This lesson says we THINK we see.  This means we are all misled when we think we have the right perception of it.  This says we think we see, this means we don’t even perceive that thing correctly.  It is an error in our minds.  When we think we do something it is a sure sign that we got it all wrong.  When we think we see- it is because we are led to the wrong conclusion and the bottom line is that we wrongly believe it.  We have to appreciate that when we think we see something that necessarily means we are wrong about it and that somehow we got lost in its translation.  It is something other than we think but we were blindly led and convincingly so that we had it right in our ego experience.  We are asked to understand that we incorrectly assessed whatever it is and that we continued to believe our faulty perception even after the fact.
What the Course asks us to do is clean up our faulty perception.  This is the goal we can manage and do in the world; we can remove the blocks to Love’s presence and get out of the way of our own healing when we remember we are God’s most beloved children.  The Course teaches us to ultimately just sit in the knowing that we and everything else is just perfect and therefore there is no reason to struggle or judge.  However, the way we get to that point when it becomes possible through our practice is to make the journey a consistent and clear journey.  We want to erase anything that was false about our thinking and replace it with God’s purpose and Will that forever blesses us throughout our days.  Then we want to understand that this is the time for us to learn how to choose peace instead of our ego’s mistakes and faulty reasoning.

We have to learn that our faulty perception is always a block within us.  That’s why the Course teaches us to gain awareness of when we do this and be willing to change it.  We can stop the errors in our thinking simply with the willingness to release it all back to the altar of God for its removal.  What we need to do is know that our mind is created by God and this has the power to Create.  Therefore, the things we see are powerful indeed because we put the creative force in their fruition and initiation.  This is why we need to own our power and strength that we are making the world and all we see because it is within our nature to extend.  But what we need to do to come into the full power of our mind and selves is to undo our faulty thinking.
The Course explains in detail what is the true nature of God’s world.  We are simply here on the earth to recreate a reality for us that is in alignment with God.  Then we can actually live always in peace in what is the reflection of God’s world.  But we must realize that we can create with our thinking and with our minds.  This is the truest and most important power we could ever have because with this power within we can create a world that is truly of God.  We simply need to understand that our thinking has the power to become form.   This is why we need to carefully select the thoughts we have.  The Course teaches us to stop doing this unconsciously because that is definitely the way to a crazy life.  When we let our thoughts run wild then we end up with a world that is manifested from this insanity.

We are invited to take responsibility for this error in our thinking.  We can and do have the power to make the reflection of what is in our minds.  Therefore, stop neglecting this responsibility if we  are regularly rejecting it.  This is a place we can step into our extraordinary power if we make peace within us about how we need to take care of this responsibility as well as find the willingness to be proactive about it with God’s guidance.


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