Lesson 307 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lesson 307: “What is the Second Coming?” “Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.”

Part of why we tend to be ineffective in the world is because we are often not aligned with our intention, words and behavior.  This always means a dead end street for us.  This leads us nowhere truly.  When we are out of sync within we end up not exuding the focus that gives us effective results.  When we want to do something, we absolutely must not try to make this thing happen with the sweat of our brow.  We don’t want to white knuckle something.  This is when we work really hard to make it happen in our behavior, but since we are not going with the flow of God’s energetic will and plan then it is way more work for us than it would be when we rather approach it from our own inner alignment.

What can happen as we live in the world with our ego’s eyes we end up being frazzled in trying to accomplish the ego goals.  We customarily lose focus on our intention.  For a lot of us, we are so busy coordinating a million other details in our day.  We often let our intention slide because we don’t realize the power of it.   It’s hard to see or impossible to see sometimes so we lose touch with how essential it is as a component of our functioning optimally in the world.

We see the construction building apparatus so we can easy understand these need to be manipulated in some way to create a building.  This seems obvious.  But because we can’t see our intention, it is a quick slide to the left.  When we are going right we let our intention get disjoined with our purpose.  The intention we believe is sacrificial because it does’t seem like a designated portion or mass in our daily activity.  It falls by the wayside because we don’t witness it like we do food.  We don’t forget to eat because we see this need handily and we respond to it because we see what happens when we don’t eat.

We simply need to forgive ourselves this crazy dance we have with the world.  We have to forgive that our eyes seem to have the edge on what we can integrate into our daily practices because we see them.  Our eyes have the information that leads us to our belief system because we experience it through our senses.

Our eyes help us sort out what information should be included in our activities.  Our eyes remind us that our world seems to have reality.  We get this proof all the time because our eyes can see what needs to be accomplished in the world as we have a picture of it visually.  We can respond to it.  The tragedy is that intention completely gets the sidelines.  We generally spend so much time in our actions that we don’t remember how intention is equally important.  I tend to think intention is equally as important as any action we take.

What we need to do since a lot of us are not encouraged in our worldly lives to pay attention to our intention we need to take time and effort to look and ask within for clarity about how intention plays out in our minds.  With enough gentle inquiry, we can discover what intention is revealing.  Our intention is always revealing our thoughts and emotions internally.  But often in the world we do things blindly in terms of our intention.  We just act out what we think we should behave but very often our minds switch into some laden sense of distress about carrying out this activity.  We often don’t carry with us the intention we might have wanted to bring if we were asked about it.  Just appreciate that this happens.  Then just be willing to pray to God for the clarity about how to carry our chosen intention with us to whatever activity.  When we allow God to teach us then we don’t get stuck in those unfortunate instances when we are stuck around aligning our intention.

Also appreciate that the other essential part of noticing our intention is not only noticing our own intention aligned with our whole selves but the other piece of this that is essential is aligning with God’s will.  When we forget about God, we may be more powerful in the world when our own selves are aligned within us, but we will not live in peace and joy because we live in the purpose of God’s.


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