2-17-15 Lesson 48 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lesson 48: “There is nothing to fear.”

This is our Go-To Sentence.  If anything disturbs us in any way this the antidote to fix it.  When the world gives us a bit to gripe about, we simply substitute to this sentence in our minds. We use it to neutralize everything.

But what is so beautiful about our knowing that there is nothing to fear, is that our minds don’t have to become a blank slate in response.  When we are called and guided to feel our feelings so that we can understand how to cope with them, we get the gift of awareness.  In that case, we don’t want to forget the fear.  We can see it and acknowledge it, we honor it and then we have given it space in our minds.  This is so we aren’t afraid in any way of fear and in turn simply stop the fear.  We may have moments where we need to understand it.

While we sit with the fear for just long enough to see it, then we immediately turn our attention to undoing any belief it existed in the first place.  We definitely must take this step if we want to maintain our equanimity.  This is the way out of our hell.  When we let the fear be unreal then we just cancel it with our intention and God’s power which we share.  We have to let fear fall away with no effort on our part and no attachment.  The fear stops staking claim in our minds and hearts.  We are asked to let this awareness be the foundation of the way we think.

When fear is gone, then all of God’s  love and forgiveness can flow forth.  Fear is the only real block to love.  Then so many other emotions are offshoots of fear.  It can seem like we have an infinite number of emotional challenges.  But the reality is that fear is the only culprit and seeming interference for God’s love.  Nothing can ever prevent the filling up and spilling over of God’s love- as plenty is the cup of God’s love.  We are asked to be firm in our entitlement to do away with any stroke of fear.


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