2-18-15 Lesson 49 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lesson 49: “God speaks to me throughout the day.”

The Course teaches us to live within the consciousness of our Creator.  God gave us the Holy Spirit specifically to be the part of God Who stays within God consciousness but can also see what we are doing in the world and thus guide us all the time.  None of God is separate from the whole of the God. However, this is simply a way to think about God so that we know that although God is completely holy and above anything our ego creates in the world, at the same time, God would never abandon us.  Also, He would never leave us stranded alone with no way to navigate the path.

God loves us so completely that he made sure we have a direct connection to God’s Word and wishes.  This way the Holy Spirit gives us the exact message from God.  The Holy Spirit is God so we don’t have to grapple to figure out how to define the Holy Spirit or how  to relate to Him.  We are asked to simply allow God to be perfect and supreme and of the most pristine love.  There is no smattering of doubt in God or lack or powerlessness.  God is perfect, and gives us the Holy Spirit to answer our every need while we walk our path.
The Holy Spirit is kind and compassionate and sees what is the nature of our lives.  Then the Holy Spirit contains the same wisdom as God and desire to teach us what is our greatest good.  We can turn to the Holy Spirit all day every day.  There is never a moment we are lost from His Good Will.  We simply need the willingness to ask His direction.  We are instantaneously supplied with the best and most appropriate answer that completely takes away our belief in our own suffering.  We are always guaranteed the Holy Spirit is the part of God that loves us wholly.  And that God and the Holy Spirit are one so we can rest in certainty that our higher good will be the gifts of our Creators.


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