2-16-15 Lesson 47 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lesson 47: “God is the strength in which I trust.”

I like these series of lessons because we are talking about all the ways we will turn to God to provide us with a way to peace and a way to get along in the world with an overflowing feeling of certainty and utter faith. The beauty of what Jesus is teaching us here is that we can and must be willing to rely on God for every aspect of our living.  In God’s strength we trust, it’s God’s love in which we forgive, it’s God’s Mind in which we see, it’s God’s light in which we see.  These 4 lessons are spread out over the last 4 days so it’s possible that we might not have put them together as a whole idea.

We see that the bottom line here is that we must let God be the Source of all we do to function in the world.  When we allow God to be the answer to every seemingly unanswered question, we are simply left in awe. Our jaws are open wide at the wonder of all that God has organized to provide us with every bit of clarity and guidance regarding how to move forward.  God gives each and every view because God is capable of providing us with everything we need.

When we rely on our human confidants to provide us with a way out of insanity we end up at a total loss because no human has all the skills and the perfect energy that we need to meet our every need.  God does.  We need to step aside and reflect on God’s gifts so that we can notice their perfection, and then use this.  We must build our trust that God will ultimately protect us and guide us through every swerving path.

When we let God be so great, then our own fear about how to be present with what we see will dissipate, because we realize fully that God can do it.  God can give us every back door and front door to the Kingdom and Heaven’s Gate.  We can then live in our own certainty and God’s certainty because we don’t question whether something will work out for the best.  We embrace all we see because we have faith in the perfection of God’s plan.


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