ACIM Lesson 32

Lesson 32: “I have invented the world I see?”

I really love how the lessons go from yesterday’s message that I am not a victim of the world I see, and then, today, to just give us the perfect explanation why it makes no sense to claim seriously or at all the possibility that we are victims in the world we see. 

We have a quick and complete perfect answer when we are standing there, immersed in the ego, and getting into that terrible spiral downward into victimhood. 

We can just sit and get the news that we have made it all up.

To invent something means we are really in a position where we can completely dictate whatever it is we are making up because we are inventing as we go. 

We have the capacity it turns out, to let go of that insane, and harsh, and dark and treacherous victimization. 

It is the ego’s fantasy, but it seems so real.

We just need to allow it to just be part of that moment we forgot to laugh. 

We can see that the victim mentality is not at all, in what we want for ourselves, and we want so much more, when we allow ourselves to really question whether it is appropriate for us. 

God has given us this wonderful alternative to the nightmare, in which we find ourselves.  We just need to get to that place where we are open to not getting into the victim mentality.

When we realize that we invented the world, the suddenly all of what we think and see and perceive in the ego’s view, suddenly, actually disappears. 

It at least fades and becomes less intense, because suddenly we realize that this experience of our feeling like a victim is simply something we can erase completely.

Because, we have the option of seeing the situation with an entirely different perspective. 

Then, that victimization becomes a distant memory, and when we are practiced at this we can totally erase the memory from our minds, since we just have to be willing to shift our perception. 

Then that victim reality, becomes drastically reduced because we allow it to do so.



All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski
Licensed Acupuncturist, M.Ac., Lic. Ac.



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