ACIM Lesson 162

Lesson 162: “I am as God created me.”

This lesson says, “He will save the world, because he gives the world what he receives each time he practices the words of truth.” 

The Course reminds us that we have the power to save the world.

We can have moments of feeling inconsequential in the world.  It may feel like a stretch to make a difference and heal the sick and end poverty.

But the Course gives us something that always works and we can do it now or anytime and all the time.

Our thinking is what matters.

Our thinking doesn’t feel to the ego like a physical event to end the famines, but it heals our minds, and healing our minds is the only real important thing in healing the world’s seeming pains.  

When we heal our minds, then, we feel good and when we heal our minds we exude a powerfully aligned energy which then has a profound impact on the state of the physical world. 

We may not be able to catch a fish in the moment, but when we come with a plentiful heart and in this way bring the energy of abundance, then, down the line, most certainly, it also results in a physical manifestation change because we bring and exude God’s healed energy.  

Thus,  eventually the world also heals as our minds change over time.

This is part of why we want to do it.  The other part is that when we change and heal our own minds, then all the other people around us are automatically healed with us.

The Course says that we are all one energetically. 

We humans all feel each other because we are united as one.

This means that automatically, when our minds change into some more elevated and light and abundant energy, then everyone else feels the shift too. 

Even if they are not nearby and can’t see any changes, the power of energy is completely known in the world and in the Course.  Thus, we can count on the fact that everyone else feels this shift too.

Allowing our own minds to focus on our identity as God’s children is the way to our salvation and will heal the world. 

God loves us and says we are completely worthy of a plentiful life and are automatically graced with God’s favor and gifts because God loves us. 

Just this simple reminder that we are God’s children and we get the amazing gifts of that particular role is all we need to be totally aligned energetically with God’s light. 

This, then, can allow us to reverberate at such a high level that we can just share this energy with everyone. 

The Course reminds us that our only true purpose is to make sure we remember we are one with God.

God feels all the great stuff about us.  The problem is that the world often blinds us to this reality with the flashing signs and distraction galore.

Our job is just to stay connected to that inner voice that is the Holy Spirit and fills us with that inner knowing that all is well because we have God there feeding our hearts with His Love and blessing.


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