ACIM Lesson 163

Lesson 163; “There is no death.  The Son of God is free.”

This lesson says, “Death may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or doubt; as anger, faithlessness and lack of trust, concern for bodies, envy, and all forms in which the wish to be other than you are not may come to tempt you.” 

Death is something that we have tendency to give focus to.  When we believe in the things mentioned here in this sentence and we think they are really present enough in our minds, they bother us.

No one likes these kinds of feelings but at the same time we tend to worship them instead of throwing them out of our minds because they seem so familiar in the ego’s repertoire. 

Just remember that death takes all kinds of different forms because the ego loves this kind of drama, and thus, lets this stuff slide right into the center of our hearts.  

Even though we tend to assume on one level that we don’t like this stuff that the Course has just associated with death, and yet we carry on in letting it stay there because we love and are addicted to the roller coaster of the ego’s shady path.  

These distressful emotional states come easily when we forget about God.

The Course says that we want to just not allow these insane and disturbing thoughts to be in our minds and reverberating in our consciousness. Because this disturbs our peace of mind and lightness is sure out the window then.

The Course reminds us that death is something that we may pay close attention to because the ego is traditionally petrified of death and then either tries to overly focus on it or avoid it all together in reaction to managing our fear about death.  

The ego associates our minds with our bodies and assumes that our bodies will die in time. The ego has great fear that we will be stuck in time in our death state, and eventually be annihilated.

The Course reminds us that death is actually a mind state.  Death, of course, can be from the body, at the time of our end, and it seems like something to avoid.

But at the same time, we also have this draw and attraction to the death the ego offers- consisting of emotional problems that  strike us as serious as death. 

We just want to forgive when we get so attached to the Course’s version of death in emotional ways as well.

We also have this real desire to become something we are not- which is the ego’s version of heaven.

The ego always wants to be entirely redone and born again in someone else’s reality.

This ego-desire is definitely a tragedy because the ego gives us every reason we would complain about our lives and try to get into a reality that is only the easy stuff.

The ego is so powerfully drawn to this that the ego is actually in fact worshiping death.

Having such a desire to be something else that the ego does cause the ego to adopt whatever drastic tactics to make this happen.

Meanwhile, the ego makes no sense at all in this process.

God’s creations, namely us, are never prone to any kind of death of the mind because God says that if God is true and God doesn’t die. 

Since all things that are the same nature – as we are- as God we must do the same thing.  This is why we can just rest assured that God is true to His nature.  God can’t be different.

As a true Being, He can only be true. 

This is why death is negated and we can just appreciate that.  Then there is no reason to suffer over it.


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