Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 75: “The light has come.”

The Course teaches us that the light is already here.  It is here now and within us at this very second.  Lots of spiritual paths suggest that the light will come- that Jesus and our salvation will come soon or in time with no clear vision about how that is in our practical reality.

This persistent but not actuated coming is always with a heart of disappointment. 

If we have to wait for God and wait for heaven and wait for our own salvation, this feels terribly sad.  Think how it would feel to have this now!  Then we could rejoice now and in every moment because it is all a celebration of the perfection we live in our current circumstance.  We could celebrate that God deems us ultimately worthy now and so extends our salvation to our lives in this very moment.  That situation would make our lives absolutely the happiest they can be- if we get to live with our own self love and self excitement by way of our levity. We live in the wonderful situation that God gives us the best of the best now.

The Course says that we embark on a a whole paradigm shift, because we get to actually live in the extraordinary experience of being infinitely blessed now. 

Furthermore, we will continue to be equally blessed no matter what happens in all the moments to come because God wills it this way.  This completely changes how it is to live in the moment.  Suddenly our perspective is completely fresh.  We can and do shift into this knowing that we are perfect and all we see is perfect.  Because, God gives us the gift of salvation and our salvation is the knowing that God gives us always our innocence and esteemed worth.  We then live in a light and happy existence.  It feels like the greatest elation all the time because we realize that the light of God is already with us.  We don’t have to wait any amount of time to get to it.  It is here now and within us.

All we have to do is notice it.  This beautiful way the Course teaches us is how to identify that our worthiness comes since we are a direct descendent of God.  The step is taken out from having to do something to get to God.  In many religions, we are required take excessive steps to access God- to actually physically take steps to reach God in holy places or reach God through conversations with holy people.  This is always a downer because those people and places may not always be available, and we always want and need to be able to reach God.  This is why the Course makes getting to God so simple and easy.

This is the absolute least amount of work that we could possibly imagine.  

All we have to do is think about God and remember God and that God’s light is always alive and well within us. 

Then we will realize we are already blessed and we won’t have to make any further effort to reach God.  This means that we can just spend our time hanging out with God in our minds and in our lives because we don’t have to spend our precious effort making considerable journeys to get to God.  This means there is never a time we can’t reach God.  We don’t have to feel anxious about how we will possibly figure out how to get to God.  We don’t have to struggle to get to God.  All we have to do is be there and have a thought of God.

This lesson says, “You are healed and you can heal.”  The Course teaches us to live in our wholeness.  We are invited to simply realize that we are already healed.  When we have this belief it means that we are more likely to attract the energy of our healed, whole self.  The Course reminds us how powerful our intention is.  If we simply allow it to be true in our minds, it will also manifest in the world when it can.  The only important thing is that our minds realize we are healed.

Often the world’s manifestation will follow but if it doesn’t that is ok because as long as the mind heals, then nothing else matters truly.  We allow ourselves to be fully healed, and we also allow others to be healed.  When we acknowledge our own wholeness we then hold the idea that wholeness is also the true state of all people traveling the earth.  This means we hold this idea about other people and we allow it to be true in our thinking.  This awareness heals us all.

This is why all people benefit from the consciousness we carry that acknowledges there is nothing else out there except God’s energy in our healed capacity.


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