Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 76: “I am under no laws but God’s.”

The Course is teaching us how to undo our programming. 

We all are inundated with the world’s messages from the first breath of our lives until our last breath.  We get it all day long and all night in some cases.  We are constantly barraged with messages that are meant to help us figure out how to manage and deal with life.  The ego thinks when we have information about things then we have a sense of power.  When we have definitions then the ego likes to use these as a basis to negotiate our relationships and our jobs.  In theory, then, we have clues about how to live and how to stay optimally healthy.  But what happens instead is that our ego gets so uptight about all that we see.  Our egos judge, judge, judge.  And our egos think that this information- that in some ways is useful to help us make decisions about how to proceed- actually impairs our capacity when we understand more deeply at what our minds are doing.

Our minds get totally shocked and astounded about how to use the information we glean from the world in a way that won’t abuse us actually.  We end up hurting ourselves when we move through our life experience with a set of very distinct but also quite limiting ways of perceiving the world.

The ego gets quite restricted and unwilling to entertain any ideas that the world is not already feeding it. 

Then we get this totally twisted view of how things are.  We are fed the images of people not healing if they don’t take certain medicines.  We get bombarded with images of people not being able to lose weight unless they get liposuction.  We are led to believe that the solutions in the world all have to come from some world problem solver.  We go to 10 doctors for all kinds of variations about how to heal ourselves.

We get so deeply invested in the world’s perspective, we so commonly forget that we have all the healing power we need inside of us.  We never hear in the world that our minds can heal us. Thus, we allow this belief to get lost in our progression of maintaining our health.  This means that we have actually no power within ourselves when we are always looking to the world or to medicine or to something outside of us to aright our fall from a balanced health.  The Course says that we are always with the power of God within us.  This power is infinite because God wills it so.  However, we simply need to bring our willingness.  We so often lose our comfort with being part of the solution of the worldly ills.  Sometimes we just try to rely on the world’s solutions to bring us out of the suffering we perceive is happening in our minds or bodies.

♥The Course says that our empowerment is the perfect solution to any problem we have.

We need to stay clear in our thinking that God is alway available and capable to heal any wound we believe we have.  We need to realize that it doesn’t matter how BIG the problem seems, this means nothing to the grand scale of God’s perfection.  Nothing is too big a problem for God because God has infinite talent and capacity. 

♦This means all we have to do is get out of the way. 

When we bring our minds, often we limit God there and that can even change manifestations in the world.  Our call is to simply allow God to be so great that God can heal fully our minds with not a moment of difficulty.  When we believe it internally, then our minds are healed because we let God create a perfect solution.  It is part of the solution for us to stop insisting on God’s being limited.  

Then our minds are healed when we simply allow God to heal it.  We don’t have to fuss over it any more than that.

We just have to accept the lack of limitation in God. 

This is the way for us to get to our certainty of our perfection and then when ♥our hearts are full of God’s love, our internal problems are gone.  

This feeling of being lovable contributes to our seeing that nothing is impossible when it comes to God’s abilities to heal us- as long as we are aligned with God’s mind and energy.


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