ACIM Lesson 164

Lesson 164: “Now we are one with Him Who is our Source.”

This lesson says, “How easily are all your seeming sins forgot, and all your sorrows unremembered.”  

The Course’s version of God has an entirely different view point than traditional religions.

In most religions, it is difficult to have a harmonious relationship with God because often the ego part of the group believes that God is angry at us and dissatisfied at us for being sinners. 

There is a powerful force in the idea of sin as something we are all guilty of. 

When the ego says its word about how good we are the problem is that we are still always sinners in the ego’s frame.

The ego totally thrives on the idea that we are sinners beyond repair and that all we can do is hope that in some way we can beg enough at God’s feet to get Him to forgive us for our sinful nature. 

When we let the ego have an opinion about God, we end up with a God Who most definitely only loves us when we are good enough and yet, this never happens because we are assumed to be inherently sinful.

The Course says how wrong this is.

We have made a real error in believing that any part of us is sinful. 

When we think we are sinful then, there will always be a huge part of ourselves feeling guilty and shameful, and that is no way to be peaceful. 

The Course reminds us that God actually has not even a little part of Him angry at us, or in some way, thinking we need to be better to get God’s love.

The Course has this lovely way of telling us that there was never a problem in the first place.  

We hear that our sins are seeming sins because they never actually happened in the first place.

We just need to realize this is true. 

We are asked to just let it be our reality that we know God in fact has zero desire for us to feel badly that we are sinners.

God just sets us straight.

And the idea that our sorrows are unremembered is just license for us to be happy instead. 

The Course reminds us that God never wants us to suffer over our guilt and shame about our sinful nature and that is why God gives us the perfect out to that thinking. 

The reality is that this part of us that sins never occurred to begin with, and that is the only entirely successful way for us to truly absorb that God does not think we are sinners.

God says that all that stuff that the Course chalks up as unreal is perfect in the reality that we can escape the negative effects of that stuff, like the struggle over our sinful nature. 

We just need to remember that God sees our sins as being unreal because they never took force in the first place.

This is why we can promptly let this idea go because it was just a silly mistake.


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