ACIM Lesson 165

Lesson 165: “Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.”

This lesson says, “This course removes all doubts which you have interposed between Him and your certainty of Him.” 

The ego problem is that the ego says God is a certain way that we definitely don’t want God to be.

The Course allows us to get to that place where we are open to being retrained about Who God is and what are all the attributes of God. 

Namely, that God loves us completely and unconditionally and that God is never judgmental about anyone and never upset about anything we do or say.

Because, God is of the mind that we are sinless and perfect and when we make mistakes they are just silly errors that change nothing. 

The Course gives us this different interpretation of God.  All we have to do is let it sink in.

The problem with all of our egos is that they have incessant doubt about God.

The ego has fear and resentment and guilt and emotional drama galore in all dealings.

Therefore, when we listen to the ego, there is never a moment we want to accept the ego’s vision for our lives because it is always destructive and leads us nowhere. 

This is true literally.  The ego leads us through the world, and all the difficult stuff there- whatever the problem- seems terrible.

But, the world is actually unreal the Course says, so we want to take all the ego offers with a grain of salt.

We hold it all, but stay balanced in the midst of the roller coaster. 

We can do this with the simple consistent support from God and our tiny little willingness to get up and try again for whatever we get ourselves out of line- and alignment with God.

The ego is at war with God and most definitely thinks we are all taking sides, and that you and I are up for grabs. 

The ego wants to make war because the suffering and drama are the ego’s favorite-play-toys-of-woe.

The ego loves its addiction to pain and we often get lost in the process of choosing to remember God in the process of learning how to undo our thinking. 

The Course reminds us that God is always available and always eager to help us with absolutely anything. 

Nothing is beyond the scope of God because God is supremely powerful and perfect. 

That means He is up for anything on our To Do List, as long as we give God permission to share the journey with us. 

Thus, we can carry on taking care of the business of our lives with God’s- the Holy Spirit’s- constant input and direction.

We can just be grateful that we have the Course’s teaching and Jesus’s message which totally gives us the correct information, and then, we can have an appropriate relationship with God and the Sonship because we know how.    

We are asked to not cast even the slightest doubt about God’s intention and Will and His desire for us.

God is not angry when we do, He just doesn’t want us to waste time thinking things are a way they are truly not. 

That just saves us time and allows us to enjoy the ride, because we have the knowing that everything is going in our favor.


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