ACIM Lesson 166

Lesson 166: “I am entrusted with the gifts of God.”

This lesson says, “He would make you laugh at this perception of yourself.”  

The ego’s whole energy and intention is dark and dense.

The ego is always taking our stories and weaving them into elaborate nightmares from which we cannot escape. 

The ego gives us constant struggle because our egos are attached to pain.  

This is definitely the hard part, and it is also inevitably within everything, unless we stay committed to releasing this old pull we have to the ego’s insanity.  The ego’s plan has no hope, and it believes there is nothing but desperation.  The ego thinks all the unpleasant stuff will happen to us because that is our due.

The Course reminds us that God has a totally different angle.  God has not even the slightest amount of intensity.

God is light, powerfully light, but always light. 

The problem is that our egos always tend to view us as living in the nightmare no matter how things look.

Things could be happy or sad, but the ego always puts a heavy shadow over everything, so the ego’s perception always is dark. 

That means we will forget to laugh. 

The Course says that the only problem is that we forgot to laugh. 

This means that we are asked by God to see the world and the ego’s stuff with lightness and joy.  Even if we think terrible things are happening, don’t forget to laugh.

Laughing is the most wonderful rhythm of energy. 

It is light and flowing and it makes us feel good.

The problem is that the world seems incredibly serious.  Problems seem incredibly serious.  

It seems like a hard task is to have any good reason to giggle about things.

But giggling gets us breathing and moving and filling our minds with something totally light. 

This is the best medicine for all our woes.

Seriously, just give in to the feeling of getting the giggles.  

This just allows us to sit and remember that the world’s woes are actually a belly full of laughs. 

We can stop and laugh and simply declare another energy is present in the midst of that incredible challenge.  This is all it takes, just that decision to do it.

The only important thing we can do for ourselves is to remember to be light in the process.  Fill our minds with God, and allow that verbal push through our difficulty.

Laughing is the way to be empowered. 

When we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy the situation through our light minds and hearts, then the problem mostly disappears, because we allow our energy to become filled with God’s light.

When we choose laughter within the challenge, then we become more powerful people because we are not afraid of the problem and feeling ambivalent. 

We are showing up more because we are owning what we feel and doing something that makes us feel better.


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