Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 114: Review: “I am spirit.”  “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”

We are learning how to be present and appropriate with this spectacular role as part of the plan of salvation.  Integrating this information about the fact that we are part of the salvation plan indeed is one of the important pieces we are asked to do in the Course.

But one of the most important pieces of this specifically is- what emotions and intentions to have in the midst of this amazing role we have in the salvation plan of God.

We learn in the Course how to be with this information in the correct way so that this information can serve us.  We don’t want to get the wrong impression about how we are meant to sit with this information.

If we have the wrong emotional agenda with this information then we will misunderstand what it means to be in this role.

We are learning to leave our (ego’s) arrogance at the door. 

We accept this amazing part that we are meant to be the ones carrying the salvation of the world and we do it with a heart of real humility.  We can appreciate this fact and maybe at moments be amazed about it because it is extraordinary that God’s plan specifically includes us in a very important way.  But what we need to do is just stay aligned within with our sense of humility.  If we get into the arrogance the ego likes to bring then we feel falsely inflated because we are acting from an off base intention as it is not true.

That arrogance is not of God and this it is not real.

That is why we don’t want to go into that arrogance more deeply.  First, we want to get into a place of total serenity.

We want to reach deep into our hearts and really get to that place where we act from a feeling of grateful responsibility that we are in the role of saviors.

We get to participate in God’s plan with intentions that are exactly what God wants for us and what will bring us peace in the end.  Therefore, we want to appreciate that this role is all about God’s purpose.  God chooses us to be saviors of the world.  This is a role we want to honor because it is a worthy task.  Yet we want to be grateful that God gives us exactly the plan we need to have to play this role of saviors.

We want to have a deep sense of being humble; while this role is spectacular, it is also such an important role to be balanced in the way we hold these feelings about it inside of us.   We don’t want to be pushy about forcing anyone to join in the salvation.  We need to remember that when we come to an place of instituting hierarchy where we are forcing others to join in the salvation, this is not at all what God intended.  This is why we need to be very careful in our minds that we don’t let arrogance run away with our minds.

This arrogance simply doesn’t fit in the  picture of God’s salvation because it is closed, harsh energy, and is totally contrary to God’s energy. 

God is the basis of our salvation and our role as saviors so we must align with Him always.

We learn here that we just need to feel this as a great gift and privilege so we can stay connected to that sense of humility.  Then, we learn from the Course that our humility is essential to keep our minds balanced.  However, the other equally important feeling to feel while we exist here as saviors of the world is to bring our certainty.  When we come with certainty then we can be emotionally appropriate in the world in the God mentality because we are connected to our Source.    This means that we need to remember that God has chosen us all for all of our unique and collective roles and additions to God’s plan for salvation.
What we can do is honestly appreciate that we have here the best way to actively participate in whatever roles God has selected for us in the journey of our lives as saviors of the world.  It doesn’t matter what we do in the world.  We may change jobs or roles over time.  What matters is the feeling and intention we bring to them.

This is the Godly way- to stay grounded emotionally in holding our  humility and certainty in synch perfectly so we can carry this energy of God with us in all circumstances we encounter.


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