Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 115: Review: “Salvation is my only function here.”  “My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.”

This lesson says, “My function here is to forgive the world for all the errors I have made.”  The Course says that I am the only person here.  I and God are the only Entities in our communal joining.  However, as long as we are identifying with the ego, we need to step back and understand that we sometimes forget we bring God with us.  The Course says the appropriate thing to learn is that energetically since there is really only one Entity, we all share in each other’s reality.  We are all combined energetically so there is actually only one being in the world.  We may all appear to be in separate bodies, but actually, we are just in one energetic expression that we share.

Therefore, we can understand that it makes sense that I am the only person in this Universe.  Everyone outside of me is simply part of the same whole.

The Course teaches that since we are the only one here in energy, then everything we appear to see outside of us is simply a projection of our inner consciousness.

What we think is outside of us is nothing but our thinking manifested out into the physical form.  This is why this lesson focuses on the errors that I have made.

The Course says that since we are the only ones here, that the people we believe are outside of us are simply projections from what we think.  This helps us gain perspective on our relationship with other people or what appears to be happening outside of us.  The Course is careful to point out that since I am the only person here, I am the only one who has made errors.   This means we are asked to take responsibility for those errors.  We learn in the Course that any problem that appears outside of us is nothing other than our own errors in our own thinking.

The way that our world gets peopled is that we have a thought or multiple thoughts and then we see situations and relationships and some interactions with other people where we perceive there is some conflict because that is what the world looks like.  This is simply on the surface.  The Course rather says that this view and opinion of what appears to be happening is simply our own thinking gone wrong.  When we think insanely we then make a reality outside of us that mirrors this because this is how the Universe works.

The Course teaches us how this can be a handy Universal structure.  We can get a glimpse of our own inner thinking through what we see outside.  Especially if we are stuck on perpetuating our ego outside in the world, this seeing what the world is showing us is actually a fortunate consequence.  When we see the suffering in the world, we are asked to take this in and appreciate that it comes from our own mind.

Whenever we see suffering in the world we often assume it is because of someone else.

The ego loves to blame others for this.  The Course teaches us however that this is nothing other than the chance to see, acknowledge and understand our own error within.

Then we stop blaming other people and so we don’t start the attack cycle. 

When we allow ourselves to be the sole people responsible for creating what we see even if we don’ think we like it, then we can simple sit and learn how to forgive ourselves for this error.  Furthermore, we don’t want to pity ourselves for being insane.  We do want to stop looking anywhere but to ourselves for the source of the attack thoughts.

The Course says that our egos are always the first to forget to look at ourselves first for the ways we contribute emotionally to the attack thoughts that come through us. 

We forget to realize we always play a part in everything that appears to happen outside of us.

This is why taking our own sense of personal responsibility for the error is the only way to stay true to the awareness that we need to look at the way we create the error first in our own minds.  Then, later we see it outside of us.  We want to not put ourselves down in any way for being in error that may cause suffering.

We just notice it, and take responsibility so we can forgive it and let it go.


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