Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 119: Review: “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.”  “To give and receive are one in truth.”

We learn in the world how to swallow contradictory statements, behaviors and intention reaching all realms of life, from the social to political to all of the areas that we partake in to live full lives.

The world is always contradictory.  The ego is definitely contradictory and it makes the world as a reflection of itself so the world is full of insane, contrary ideas and activities. 

This means the world gives us no basis upon which we can make a steady life experience.

If we are always trying to figure out what is false and true because there is no consistency in what the world offers then we end up in dire straits because living becomes both incredibly complicated and also downright depressing and hopeless.

The world never has that consistent intention, behavior and spoken word that the Course teaches us we want to have all aligned with ourselves and each other- and most importantly also then with God energy.

When we are not aligned within- with ourselves, then we become ineffective in the world. 

We simply will energetically stumble all over ourselves and what we attempt to do because it will always be in a circumstance of nearly falling apart.  When we are not aligned within, our energy and intention become skewed because our intention is going in a variety of directions at once.  This is why we practice the aligning of ourselves because this is the only way to be truly powerful in the world.  We can’t be powerful if our minds are actually tuned into a variety of activities.

We lose any kind of hand we may be able to play because we can’t focus and be effective in one thing when we are focused on multiple things simultaneously.

Jesus says we are the bringers of truth when we make sure our minds are clear from any other thought that is false.

  This is why we learn what false is and how to eradicate it from our thinking. 

God says that we just need to learn what truth is and be willing to be present with it and choose it when appropriate- which is all the time.

Jesus teaches us that truth is only the essence of God.  We learn to appreciate and experience what truth is when we are connecting with what is love.

This may look different when love comes wrapped in different packages but the essence of God’s Love is always freely given and in infinite abundant supply and always clears the road from any idea of attack- by way of forgiveness and the miracle.

Love is the only truth there is and it is God’s.

The Course teaches us that the truth is in us already. 

Therefore, all we have to do is see it for what it is.  We need to be watchful that we don’t in any way deny this or block it in the process of its manifesting itself in whatever way.  The truth is what makes us remember who we are as the most precious children of God.

This means that we get to remember this truth of God’s- that we are perfectly healed and whole, free to forgive and free to save the world.

This means that we are always perfectly prepared to be able to reach this consciousness of God’s truth within us so we don’t have to just wait in unsettling anticipation that we may not be able to connect with God’s truth.  Because it is within us now, we can sit and enjoy our certainty because it is always intact within our minds.   This is why we never need to suffer.


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