ACIM Lesson 259

Lesson 259: “What is sin?” “Let me remember there is no sin.”

This lesson says, “What else but sin could engender our attacks.”

The Course teaches us that it is much more than the fact that God forgives us our sin.

We don’t need to be pardoned because we never sinned in the first place.

That means sin is unreal.

Sin never came from us in the first place because in God’s eyes we are perfectly holy and innocent of any misdeed. This is a huge departure from the world’s philosophy where we are always in the position of wrong doing- making flaws. In this case, we have to beg for forgiveness from a punishing God. This is never a position we can be happy because we are always in the wretched predicament as the sinner.

The Course totally does away with the idea that we have sinned or that we are sinners. The Course says sin is unreal.

It goes so far as to erase the sin from existing at all in any situation.

Therefore, if we think ourselves sinners then we are always reliant on a God to forgive us. If this is true, there is a moment when we are not in the position of being totally innocent.

If we have a situation where we sin, then we are not perfect anymore and this is contrary to what the Course is teaching us.

When we need forgiveness, the issue is that we are flawed or at fault.

This can’t be true because we are of God’s energy and ilk and we are His children.

Since God’s energy is perfect, if we are also of God, we must contain that perfect energy as well if this is to be a logical conclusion.

We want it to be logical because then we have no arguments about it. This is why the Course makes the effort to teach us this idea that sin is not real. Then it follows that we are holy and innocent as a child of God. Therefore, if we remember we are sinless, this is in fact because God’ s energy keeps us holy. Therefore, the argument works.

We need to understand the idea that sin is not just not going to annoy us or impinge on our peaceful state of mind.

That is a wonderful outcome whenever we can have that. The Course’s teaching goes beyond even than great outcome. This goes to the extent where we accept sin is not real.

We entirely remove ourselves from our old ideas of sin and ourselves as sinners.

None of this has any bearing because it is all undone with the mental gymnastics of accepting that sin is unreal.

We also must make a blanket statement that attack is within sin.

When we let sin be real, then sin becomes something we cherish. In our noticing, we discover that attack thoughts are the underlying energy of all ideas that sin is real.

Allowing sin to be real makes attack thoughts be more present in our minds.

When we accept sin that sin is real in our minds, then we judge and we make everything an reason to extend of attack.

Via sin, we can put attack thoughts into the world because attack thoughts are easily disguised in the concept of sin. This is why we must be vigilant that we remember sin means nothing because it is nothing.


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