ACIM Lesson 260

Lesson 260: “What is sin?”  “Let me remember God created me.”

This lesson says, “Father, I did not make myself, although in my insanity I thought I did.” 

The problem is that we think our ego selves are stronger than God.  We get word from the world that the ego has the right of things so we let the ego get away with taking over our thinking.

We let the ego have permission to be the one in control and this allows the ego to make our realities. 

The ego just leads us to believe that they know how we truly are.  We look like a primped package when we look in the mirror.

Often, it doesn’t occur to us to question the ego’s display of glittery hair and fancy clothes.

This picture appears like a properly packaged person.  This is why we start to let the ego run away with murder.

It is easier than standing firm, tall and speaking our minds, to advocate for joining God.

The Course reminds us we have not made an accurate picture of ourselves in the personality we see in the world.

We see a small fraction of who we are there and not the true representation of our essence, to be sure. 

The Course reminds us that we are God’s children and we are perfect exactly as we are.  We somehow believe this false illusion- that the ego could be capable of mastering such an incredible masterpiece as creating us.  But this is wrong.

The ego in fact has nothing in the way of capacity to create anything other than scarcity and lack- gathers merely fragments of who we are.

The Course reminds us that this is all wrong.  

God is the one who gives us all we need to live well because God gives us the right to claim every bit of abundance internally and externally no matter what.

God gives us certainty- which is the experience of our peace when we combine it with love and forgiveness. 

When we can carry these attitudes and feelings with us all the time, then we find to achieve peace of mind is outstandingly easy.

God gives us these tools so we can get ourselves to the finale- which is our equanimity- through our own willingness to choose to use and practice these strategies that work. 

These energies and feelings we learn from the Course.  It works because God gives us solutions that are perfect in every way for whatever we encounter.

Therefore, we have good reason we want to stay on task and continue to choose to remember our certainty that we are lovable.

Further, God gives us all great things simply because we are blessed.

These feelings are the building blocks for our own inner peace. 

It is not logical to not choose another path when peace and lightness and joy are what we want.

The Course reminds us how perfect is the God-given-path we tread to get back to Heaven’s Gate at the right Hand of God.  There is no reason we would want to interrupt this flow of what gets us to that place where we feel peace always within us and around us.

It doesn’t make sense that we would not choose this path and the tools it takes to get there if we are in our right mind.  

The Course reminds us how insane the ego is.  There is no other single-word accurate description for the ego.

Insane reminds us that this is totally our moment of not choosing well. 

It doesn’t make sense at all.  We have to appreciate that the ego does this.  Our egos thrive on the crazy parts of us.  We must remember that our egos get stuck and terrified.  They are always harboring all kinds of repressed emotions because they feed on drama.

They don’t process feelings well and thus, get overwhelmed in the process and then shut down.

Then they become paralyzed and can no longer function.  This is why the whole system starts to fail in big ways and small ways. 

What is most helpful is having forgiveness for the ego’s melt downs even if they are not pretty.

Appreciate our purpose is to love them and support them in processing the feelings needed to be optimally functional.


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