ACIM Lesson 1

Lesson 1:  “Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.”

The Introduction before lesson 1 says, “You are asked only to use the lessons.  It is their use that will give them meaning to you, and will show you that they are true.” 

Using the lessons is the way we make them ours.  

We have to understand that we are going to buck at times with the suggestion that we should include all things in the application of the Course’s lessons.

We have such a powerful reaction to the idea that some things are excluded in giving things to God. 

We all have that private and personal list that we make very specifically ours. 

We make it exactly for ourselves because it is our very unique agenda.

We feel that some things are special and therefore, we can exclude them from our looking looking at them, or we can just seemingly politely ignore them within us.  

The truth is that they don’t disappear.

We just try to pretend like this is not true.  But God sees all. 

The whole purpose of the Course is to not withhold anything from God. 

When we refuse to bring ourselves in a whole state, we become fragmented, and this never allows us the ability to relax or be light.

There is no way to hide anything from God and so this notion is illusory.

 We just need to appreciate this that it is just our moment of fantasy because there is no way to hide from God. 

God is perfect and sees all and therefore, our not giving our whole minds to God with no exceptions ends onlyss in our own experience of being conflicted.

We just need to develop a practice of doing the lessons in our own unique way, that eventually will make it sustainable for us. 

We will quickly lose our way if we don’t find something to love about the process. 

There is always a way to find joy in the moment.

Let’s make a commitment to not just do the Course workbook this year, but to make each moment of every day the happy dream.

Let’s see if we can laugh and play a lot more this year with God on our arms, glowing in the perfect love we feel from the increasing presence of God’s light.  Trust that God is the magic and the miracle of our new beginnings.

Just appreciate that all we have learned before is actually a mistake. 

We are in the process of undoing our minds and replacing all the old bland and dramatic filler with something that is actually alive, and full of magnetic pulsating, and light, with a vision of perfect peace. 

We just need to take the steps slow at undoing that old thought system because it is something we believe in deeply.

Just let it go as soon as possible.


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