ACIM Lesson 88

Lesson 88: “The light has come.”  “I am under no laws but God’s.”

This lesson reminds us the following: “The light in you is all I would see.” 

There is a simple theory in the Course, which we are asked to blend in our thinking and behavior. 

We are asked to love our brothers and sisters, and that includes everyone, no matter what their apparent worldly traits and personality might be. 

We are invited to get into loving people with a totally open heart immediately.  

One thing that the ego does is puts blinders on us. 

We end up being not entirely able at all to perceive other people as they are in truth, since we are blinded with these qualities that the ego declares are undesirable. 

Then, we end up keeping everyone at arms length, and not truly embracing them in our hearts, because it can seem so unpleasant to do so with these peoples’  unpleasant issues. 

Then, we don’t want to have anything to do with them, and we reject them on various levels in the process of relating, because we don’t want to pull them closer.  

We have this old habit of not embracing anyone and everyone on some level. 

The ego adores separation from God and others, more than anything else, and so the ego will reject other people at some level, simply to maintain the current status quo of maintaining this (illusory) separation from God.  

The ego lies loudly about whatever horrid things these other people have done. 

The ego will go out of its way to make sure that we get an earful of that person’s story we see. 

The ego wants to keep things exactly as they are, not truly connecting with anyone else, and so the ego fabricates a terrible tale about this other person for this reason specifically.

We are invited to end the separation from God- or the illusory separation from God, and simply be willing to come closer to whatever person stands before us. 

We must realize the ego always is thrilled to complicate, and has a variety of insane tactics to try to throw us out of communion with everyone. 

Just see this for what it is.  

Own it, and move onto the joy of correcting it. 

We just need to remember that everyone is lovable- no matter what traits and quirks they may have. 

This means that that crazy withdrawal from being close to them energetically is simply false. 

We just need to correct this, and return to all involved with a simply wish to connect and love.  

We forgive what seems to give us reason to not be close, and then feel truly blessed in the act of loving them, because it is a gift to ourselves, just as much as to them. 

We get to see them as the child of God they are, because we forgive everything we see. 

We then can’t help but to realize that our disconnection from them was simply an error. 

We smile about it, and go on our ways, joined with all.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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