Miracles Lesson 27

Lesson 27; “Above all else, I want to see.”


This lesson beautifully explains that “Vision has no cost. And If only once during the day you feel like you were perfectly sincere while repeating today’s idea, you can be sure you have saved yourself many years of effort.”

I love Jesus” kindness and thoughtfulness as portrayed in the Course. We find out that God and Jesus and the whole Godship love us so much we can be confident that God will be there for us and help us to remember we are complete and perfect and sinless as we are.

We do not have to take any extraordinary measures in action to get God’s Love and attention. God loves us consistently.

Our only problem is that we forget to take this in and carry this in our consciousness, so the Course reminds us to get with the program.

We must remember and keep reminding ourselves to act like all is well and that we are lovable, perfect, and whole. Then we will be able to remember we have God’s Love.

The Course explains that because God loves us so much, we can have the most amazing of circumstances because we can know that God loves us and is there for us whenever we need support. So we can trust that God is there for us.

The Course says that since God loves us so much, God will accept us into Heaven, which is in our minds, and God saves us because God loves us so much, which will never change.

So we can be confident that we will remember that we never left Heaven and that all we have to do to get to God is make the smallest amount of effort. We need to let this be true.

We need to show up in some small way, and then we will remember that we never left Heaven, so we will be instantly happy and grateful because we are in Heaven now.

Getting to God and Heaven is quick as long as we allow them to be. We need to put in the smallest amount of effort because God wants us to realize we do not have to take extreme measures to get to God and Heaven. God rewards with God’s blessing from minimal effort.

 With generosity from God, we know that God is there for us and will carry us the rest of the way to Heaven once we put even minimal effort into remembering we never left God. Knowing I am blessed by God always brightens my day.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski


Licensed Acupuncture 


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