Lesson 293 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lesson 293: “What is the Real World?” “All fear is past and only love is here.”

The Course says that the fear is in the past.  The past is non-existent.  We are asked to know that fear is false.  It is not a true part of what we see in the world.  Fear makes us cringe and panic and even disassociate from it.

We are asked to take a leap of faith that there is no fear now and the moment we live in- the present is eternal and unchanging.  All we have to do is stay focused in the present.  When we live just in the moment we can meet our moment with curiosity.  The present is something at which we can smile serenely and on which to gently focus in order to distinguish what we feel.  Further, this attitude helps us determine what we see with our physical senses in the world.  Curiosity is that gentle question- what is this like?

We come with what the Buddhist’s call the Beginners Mind- where we simply open up to what is happening and quietly usher it in.  We open our hearts and minds with no judgement whatsoever.  We simply allow what happens to happen.  However, we want to be sure we are coming with this sense of openness because this is the way to truly get into the experience of the moment.  Judgement is our way of rejecting the moment.  Therefore, it is essential that we see that all the events that pass through our awareness are all equally loved and welcomed and safe.

We don’t have to shut down energetically or emotionally or physically because we find ourselves anxious about what will come.  This is the way to live in our certainty.  When we know God is taking care of us and is taking care of all that is happening in the moment, then nothing elicits fear in us as we recognize our invulnerability.  When we aren’t resisting the moment because we have decided it is not our chosen reality then we can actually relax.  What we need to do is see that when we stand in the certainty of our perfection then we don’t feel vulnerable.  This is the way to completely erase only old habit we have of being fearful in the now.  When we simply feel safe and at peace within ourselves then we experience no fear because we are comfortable with denying (in the Course’s positive use of the word) any lingering past fear.

The beauty of the present is that this is the time to completely remake our reality.  We can most certainly have some experience and feeling and perception that is virtually unique or exactly distinct from the rest.  We can have moments that are completely different from what we had before.  The ego is a big complainer and a shatterer of our dreams that our present can be a changed experience.  Our ego just assumes we won’t buy into this so we end up taking up the ego’s past.  We take it up and replay it because this is what the ego is good at.

We assume we can’t change this from happening because it is all we have experienced thus far.  This is why we have to hold space in our minds that life in our present can in fact be different.  When we allow for this possibility it simply opens up our energetic system to the reality of it in our consciousness.  When we let in this opening a bit in our minds, this is a way to hold our egos back as all the ego wants to do is rush forward blindly in our minds and declare rein.  However, God is saying that when we hold some openness within then God can come right in and assume His rightful place in our consciousness.  This is why that energy of being curious about the moment means we can stay in the present and enjoy it.

We simply need to be willing to stay vigilant in the process of not remaking our past and transferring it into some manifestation in the present as a version of the past.   We must know that we do this and our ego likes to hide this behavior, but we definitely just reflect the past right into the now.  This is why we must remain committed to understanding that our present is meant to be fabulous.  God says we are worthy of the best of everything.  Don’t stress about that if you don’t presently like what you see.  Just know that all we have to do is accept that it is ours- just accept that this is true.  It can take time sometimes but when we stay vigilant to the task, there is no way the Universe won’t respond in like.


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