Lesson 294 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lesson 294: “What is the Real World?”  “The body is wholly a neutral thing.”

Today is the 50 year anniversary of the date when the woman who scribed the Course, Helen began to hear that voice of inner dictation.  This, of course, was simply the beginning of a seven year journey of her writing the Course.  We all have stories in the world.  We have major events and important decisions that we mark in our lives because this is one of the ways we can aid in the integration of those marking events in our selves.  These kinds of events are lovely to remember because these dates help punctuate our personalities.

The Course says we are all the same- we are no different from any other person regardless of what our various individual lives and personalities might be.  We need to carry this and understand this in our thinking so we don’t favor or judge- discriminating against any one else- as we know we are all equally worthy of being loved by God and ourselves.  Also on the other hand still let our differences in the form be equally acceptable.  We are asked to see that we are all fortunate as we all have the chance to shape the outline of our personalities as well as the physical showing of how our individual world looks.

We can love that we are all unique pictures to God and the world while we are also simultaneously exactly the same.  We can understand that we can enjoy each person’s uniqueness because we are all blessed in life to share with each other how we are different.  But we also do this while in our hearts we know that we are all the same so we don’t approach our relationships with others from the perspective of believing any one is special or more important to the purpose of God’s will than another.

We can have events in our lives that we celebrate.  We can love that we were blessed with the making of sanity within the realm of our belief in our separateness from God.  We can celebrate A  Course In Miracles because it was a process of the scribe and helper joining in the purpose of finding a better way to communicate and a better way to live.  The Course is a worldly symbol and therefore, it is not God anymore than anything else in the world.  However, the Course helps us to remember that we never left our union with God. Thus, peace is the natural result from simply the realization that the Course brings.  This is why we are so fortunate to have the Course as an emotional tool that teaches us to live in the grace of the moment and surrender any attachment we have to the world, such as events or our physical existence or our bodies.

These are all part of what the Course says is not real because they are not of the vibration of God.  However, we learn in the Course that we can forgive our moment of insanity when we thought we separated from God.  What is essential is that we give back all the events and our bodies and the things that have fleeting desire.  We give them to God because they are meaningless in the experience in the world.  We give them to God and God helps us to stay true to our intention to release our attachment to them.

This is the way to live in the world and be fully present but not end up getting overly invested in whatever is not God- like our bodies or the passions of the world.  What we want to do is approach them lightly.  Love them and welcome the use of them, but don’t make them more important than God.  Then we can use the world we see for God’s purpose of sharing Love.  We can allow them to be wholly useful as the tools that they were intended to be and then release them when they no longer fit into what is our next event for the sharing of God’s Love.


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